Designing a Stand for Gearbox Inspections
Figure 1 left and Figure 2 right
Figure 1 See the numerical references below
Sketch 1 is a general depiction of the disposition of the tooth of the hob and the splined shaft
CMMS software has become more intuitive and easier to use and may be the gateway that manufacturing operations need to accessing and managing Big Data to control maintenancerelated costs and improve system reliability
Figure 1 Calculating the angle of the teeth in preparation for producing on a threadgrinding machine
Computerized maintenance management systems CMMS will help to schedule and maintain preventive maintenance programs and give maintenance technicians quick reference to procedures as well as operating data work order history and metrics
This 316 stainless steel cylinder is 144 in long with a bore size of 85 in and with a main section wall thickness of 15 in  The part was finish bored honed and machined at American Hollow Boring Co with total indicator runout under 0010 in in the bore  With the bore complete all other finished features were made according to the drawing
Figure 1 Details are used for technological or functional reference