Figure 1. See the numerical references below.

A Correction Mechanism for a Lead Screw

May 20, 2014
A practical approach for resolving accumulated errors in the pitch (and inside pitch)  

For automatic correction of accumulated errors in the lead screw in the pitch and in the inside pitch of lead screw we use the same lead screw:
1.  On the top of the helixes of screw we make a tape-band where all errors of all the pitches and inside pitches are fixed as hollows (a) and protuberances (b).

2.  Both (a) and (b) throw a system of lever turns the actuating nut through a certain angle, corresponding to previously detected errors.

3.  For the turns nut we also can use electronic devices.

On the Figure 1, we see:
1.  lead screw.
2.  tape-band with hollows and protuberances.
3.  tape-band with hollows and protuberances.
4.  actuating nut.
5.  spring.
6.  stud.
7.  stud.
8.  lever.
9.  axle.
10.  bracket.
11.  base.

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