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GF Machining Solutions
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Smart factory concept: Engineer using laptop control with CNC machine in automotive industry.
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Industry technology concept.
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Siemens PLC for industrial process control.


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Enterprise Data

Prioritize Cloud Solutions – or Risk Extinction

Nov. 29, 2023
Because it allows manufacturers single-source veracity, end-to-end visibility, seamless communication and collaboration, and 24/7 access to data, the cloud is the platform for...
Siemens Industry
The new SINAMICS G220 high-performance multi-purpose, adjustable speed drive for greater efficiency, easier engineering, quicker setup and improved sustainability.
New Products

Multi-Purpose Adjustable Speed Drive

June 8, 2023
Sinamics G220 is the first drive in the Xcelerator portfolio, with built-in “clean power” technology for reduced harmonics, digital twinning for testing and optimization, and ...
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Worker, technician checking solar cell panel for sustainable manufacturing.
Shop Operations

5 Steps to a Sustainable Plant

April 27, 2023
Revenue growth, cost reduction, cutting regulatory intervention and improving productivity, while optimizing investments and assets… these are among the advantages that environmentally...
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Smart manufacturing concept photo-illustration. Photo 126723670 © Sompong Sriphet | Dreamstime.com
Shop Operations

The Three Pillars of Smart Maintenance

April 13, 2023
Using real-time data, advanced algorithms, and automation, manufacturers can optimize production processes, reduce operating costs, and improve overall equipment effectiveness...
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Manufacturing data assessment.
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Reliability Assessments in Maintenance

March 9, 2023
Reliability and maintenance should be interdependent. Done correctly, reliability assessments will enhance a plant’s maintenance function – and its bottom line.


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White Papers & Manufacturing eBooks

Managing Machine Shop Maintenance

May 19, 2021
Get this AM eBook on increasing system reliability and productivity, and decreasing maintenance costs.
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Businessman manager using interface screen display with monitoring working, and control arm robotics via Artificial Intelligence.
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Manufacturing AI plus IoT illustration.
Scytec Consulting
Tracking basic metrics can pay off for small machine shops, such as using live data to define planned and unplanned downtime for tasks like setting up a machine or blowing off chips. “A lot of things that are not necessarily so obvious in these little gaps of time, that could be improved by some very basic procedural changes, or identifying some processes that can be updated … allows you to make improvements,” according to Scytec Consulting president and CEO Josh Davids.
Enterprise Data

Getting Started with Smart Manufacturing

Sept. 21, 2022
Constant technological innovation puts pressure on machine shops to adopt what’s new ... now! How can machine shops start to create smarter organizations? And what do they have...
ProShop ERP
ProShop SAFE™ (Secure Access File Ecosystem) cloud-based ERP file management system
New Products

High-Security, ERP File Management

Sept. 15, 2022
PROSHOP ERP introduced the ProShop SAFE™ (Secure Access File Ecosystem) cloud-based ERP file management system that enables companies to achieve multi-dimensional, role/user-based...
Pop Nukoonrat | Dreamstime
Innovations systems connecting people and intelligence devices.
Enterprise Data

Precision Planning Accelerates Business

Aug. 17, 2022
Given the challenges that manufacturers face, leaving the grunt work to machines can vastly improve business performance, free up time for more valuable strategic tasks, and add...
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Tim Caudill

Aug. 16, 2022
Tim Caudill, Director of Solution Advisory