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AMT white paper - 'Views on the Manufacturing Technology Supply Chain and International Trade'
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Supply Chains in a Post Shock Era

May 24, 2022
Explore how supply chain management and sourcing in manufacturing is changing; capture compiled, real-world experiences; and make practical and useful suggestions for the manufacturing...
White Papers & Manufacturing eBooks

SLS 3D Printing vs. Injection Molding: Replacing Molded Parts With 3D Printing

April 20, 2022
Illustrated through exciting case studies, learn how incorporating SLS 3D printing saves time and money on injection molding everything from complex tooling aids to end-use parts...
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White Papers & Manufacturing eBooks

Guide to Rapid Tooling

April 20, 2022
Learn how to incorporate 3D printed rapid tooling into traditional manufacturing processes in order to accelerate product development, iterate quickly, and bring better products...
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White Papers & Manufacturing eBooks

Accelerated Product Development in the Automotive Industry

Nov. 17, 2021
We are in an age of disruptive innovation, with new technology changing the entire industry landscape. Especially within automotive, car manufacturers are experiencing this profoundly...
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Guide to Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printing

Oct. 22, 2021
In this white paper, we’ll cover the SLS process, the systems and materials available on the market, the workflow for using SLS printers, the applications, and when to consider...
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Metal FFF 3D Printing Applications Guide

Oct. 13, 2021
Affordable and accessible way to make functional metal parts.
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How to Build Your Manufacturing Business From the Ground Up

Sept. 2, 2021
This guide includes all the tips to open up your own machine shop, plus tricks to grow your business.
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eBook: Managing Machine Shop Maintenance

Feb. 26, 2021
When implemented correctly and leveraged by a well-trained team, Condition-Based Maintenance can increase system reliability and productivity, and decrease maintenance costs. ...
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White Papers & Manufacturing eBooks

eBook: Technology at Work: Manufacturing in Progress

Dec. 26, 2019
Today, manufacturers are practical, creative, open to opportunities, and ready to work with the technologies available now. This special report looks at advanced manufacturing...