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Editorial eBook: Boeing in Crisis

March 29, 2024
The global aerospace giant shocked the world in January when a door plug blew off a plane in flight, fulfilling many flyers’ worst nightmares. And, things have gone downhill for Boeing ever since.

America's most dominant airplane maker and one of only two global giants that control almost all commercial air traffic, Boeing has long been a pillar of the U.S. manufacturing community. But, its recent history has been troubled at best, ranging from fatal flaws in flight control systems in its 737 MAX program that killed hundreds in 2018 to 2024 problems with parts falling off planes in flight. The company is in the midst of restructuring itself with new leadership and plans to improve build quality and safety, but it’s going to be a long road involving greater regulatory oversight than anything Boeing has experienced in

Several Endeavor Business Media publications have been covering Boeing’s issues this year. The eBook below contains some of the most relevant stories to explain what’s going on at Boeing.