New Manufacturing Execution System Allows No-Code Asset Management

CONTACT SOFTWARE’s suite of no-code factory digitalization programs, Elements for IoT, has introduced a new application, Shopfloor Planner. The new program is designed to simplify staff and machine allocation to allow even non-digitalized factories to track staff schedules and quickly fill production gaps with qualified workers.

The Shopfloor Planner application uses a visual user interface to clearly indicate worker availability and qualifications. The visual overview indicates if each individual operator is available or absent, on vacation, or sick leave. A color code indicates if shifts are over- or under-staffed, enabling precise control.

According to Kilian Bächle, product manager for Contact Software’s IoT suite, short-term staff absences can slow a plant down or cause it to pause production completely if replacements can’t be found. Shopfloor Planner is intended to prevent such slowdowns by identifying workers who can cover for absentees on a case-by-case basis, maintaining uptime and letting plant managers avoid penalties and missed deadlines.

Contact Software developed the Planner in collaboration with Thyssenkrupp Dynamic Components, like other applications in its Elements for IoT suite, though the Planner is designed to work alongside or independently of the rest of the programs. According to Contact, Thyssenkrupp, Mitsubishi Electric, and Kübler already use Shopfloor Planner in addition to other Elements programs.

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