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Dividing Head Cuts Workpiece Periphery Into Equal Parts

July 16, 2014
Simple design supplies a grinding tool with any number of blades, mounted in a spindle  2 bronze bearings, 2 thrust ball bearings Disc mounted on spindle, multiple bushings

The dividing (index) head is a device used to divide the periphery of a workpiece into any number of equal parts, and to hold the work in the required position while the grinding or cuts are being made.

The Dividing Index is simple to design and apply, mounted on the support of a grinding machine by two bearings, and also has two thrust ball bearings and a compensator.

The dividing head (DV) can serve the grinding tool with a number of different blades that are mounted in the spindle, 10, which is turned by a handle, 20.

As we see, the DV is simple in design and in application, and mounted on the support of a grinding machine. See Fig.1 .

The spindle is mounted by two bronze bearings, 12 and 16, which have also two thrust ball bearings, 17, and a compensator, 15.

The spindle, 10, mounted in housing, 8, which is fixed on the nut, 7, by any angle. Nut, 7, can be moved by a screw, 6, in the vertical surface and can be fixed in any position by two screws, 13.

The casing-housing, 5, can be fixed on any angle of the block, 9, by two screws.

The disc, 19, with bushing, 18, is mounted on the spindle, 10, by two nuts and fixed in position by a fixture, 2.

We need to allow for two holes, for three holes, for six holes, and for twelve holes — a disc with twelve bushings. This means that we can grind cutting tools with two, three, six and twelve edges:

Disc number two — for four and eight edges -- must have eight bushes in the disc;
Disk number three — for five edges — must have five bushes; and
Disc number four — for seven edges — must have seven bushes.

Thus, with some attention to specific details, the tool-designer must can complete this project.

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