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Ingersoll’s Hi QuadF face mill works like a router to make more chips faster. The tool rotates at 785 SFM as it feeds outward at 0.561 IPR on the C axis. Free-cutting tool geometry with a 12° lead angle minimizes lateral cutting forces for stable machining all the way out to the circumference of the flange.
Machining / Cutting

New Ways Around Old Turning Problems

Aug. 13, 2015
An “ahead of the curve” insert makes roughing a faster, better step toward precision parts Advanced design, substrates, and coatings Live turning multiplies possibilities Redefining...
Finish milling at Continental Motors produces smoother, flatter mating surfaces on cast aluminum crankcases with the Ingersoll PCD TediMill face mill.
Cutting Tools

Breakthrough Facemill Doubles Aluminum Machining Rates

Jan. 15, 2015
High-feed, high-speed, high-depth testing prove a new PCD cutter can double rates, extend tool life, and leave chatter-free finishes Three features in one tool Removal rates up...
Americanmachinist 4880 Hobteeth Promo
Cutting Tools

Determining the Profile Angle of Hob Teeth for Milling Roughing Straight-Sided Splines

Sept. 7, 2014
The teeth of a hob form a trapezia, which can be calculated easily and quickly
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Shop Operations

Be Proactive to Break the Vicious Cycle of Maintenance

Sept. 4, 2014
By planning maintenance, operators can circumvent breakdowns or identify the major issues before they turn into something more serious. Detecting the reactive trait Agree, measure...
The emerging generation of CMMS software is based on Cloud computing standards and capabilities, meaning it multi-tenant programs with numerous users who are able to customize the applications for their operations, adding or removing modules easily.
Enterprise Data

The Evolution of Affordability and Accessibility in CMMS Software

Aug. 21, 2014
The relatively short history of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems shows the rapid expansion of its availability and functionality — and helps to identify buyers’ priorities...
Figure 1. See the numerical references below.
Machining / Cutting

A Correction Mechanism for a Lead Screw

May 20, 2014
A practical approach for resolving accumulated errors in the pitch (and inside pitch)
Sketch 1 is a general depiction of the disposition of the tooth of the hob and the splined shaft.
Machining / Cutting

Define More Precisely, Determine the Angle of Trapezia Teeth of Roughing Hobs for Milling Roughing Straight-Sided Spline Shaft

April 26, 2014
A basic formula can be adjusted with additional information to suit the task Different angles, different curves Calculate, check, and choose the right option
CMMS software has become more intuitive and easier to use, and may be the gateway that manufacturing operations need to accessing and managing Big Data, to control maintenance-related costs and improve system reliability.
Enterprise Data

Understanding “Big Data” for Manufacturing, Maintenance

March 19, 2014
Connected devices and the ‘Internet of Things’ Improving asset management Predict failure, optimize quality control
Figure 1. Calculating the angle of the teeth, in preparation for producing on a thread-grinding machine.
Machining / Cutting

Determining the Angle of Roughing Teeth of Hobs for Roughing Straight-Sided Splines

March 19, 2014
Angle of the trapezia Allowance for curves Algorithm for calculation