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Horsepower/Kilowatt Conversions Calculator

This Horsepower/Kilowatt Conversions calculator quickly converts values between the two different units of measure.

Enter a value in the appropriate left input field, click "Calculate," and see the converted number on the right.

Horsepower/kilowatt conversion formulas are courtesy of Iscar Metals Inc., Arlington, TX.


Turning Surface Finishes Calculator

This Turning Surface Finishes calculator converts values between speed, corner radius, and surface finish value. Enter two of the values in the appropriate input fields, click "Calculate," and see the resulting third value on the right.

Tool Life Speed Adjustments Calculator

This Tool Life Speed Adjustments calculator shows you a range of cutting speeds for different tool lives. Enter the cutting speed for the tool for a 15-minute tool life, click "Calculate," and see the results below showing different cutting speeds for shorter and longer tool life. Tool life speed adjustment formulas are courtesy of Iscar Metals Inc., Arlington, TX...

Tool Life Durations Calculator

This Tool Life Durations calculator addresses two different conditions. For turning and drilling of non-interrupted cuts, enter the cutting time per part in minutes on the right, click "Calculate", and see the number of parts one tool can cut on the right. For milling, enter the Tool Diameter (in inches), Average WOC (Width Of Cut), and Time in cut (in minutes per part) on the left, click "Calculate," and see the minutes per insert on the right....

Speeds/Feeds Conversions Calculator

This Speeds/Feeds Conversions calculator converts different expressions of speeds and feeds to other units of measure. Enter two or three input values in the appropriate left input fields, click "Calculate," and see the converted value on the right....

Breakeven Calculator

This Break Even Analysis calculator gives you the number of parts where it is more cost effective to use one machine over another. Enter the four input values below, click "Calculate," and see the Break Even Quantity value. That number indicates the quantity of parts when you should change from one machine to the other for lowest job cost. The input values can be expressed in time units (hours or minutes) or in money units (dollars). You must use the same units for all four inputs....

Thread Cutting Values Calculator

This Thread Cutting Values calculator gives you important values needed to cut four common thread forms: Unified National (UN), Acme, Stub Acme, and National Pipe Thread (NPT)....