The Mobile Ala assembly plant was designed to manufacture the A319 A320 and A320 narrowbody aircraft
U.S. Machine Tool Orders Continued to Rise in March
Delphi to Spin-Off Powertrain Segment
The First Family of Rack and Pinion Dedicated Reducers
The US endured a 36 drop in the number of tool and die shops between 1998 and 2010 Those that remain like Fiat Chrysler Automotiversquos tooling subsidiary Autodie have worked to adapt to the cyclical nature of the automotive business by diversifying their services
The KC46A is a reconfiguration of the 767 twinengine widebody passenger jet Boeing developed a refueling aircraft for all US allied and coalition military jets and carry passengers cargo and patients
The US Army developed the T700C17 engine to overcome the shortcomings of 1960sera turboprop helicopter engines and to operate reliably in any environment and maintained easily
Due to the slim dimensions of LH honing spindles even multistage machines like the Kadia T Line are compact units
A Trent 700 highbypass turbofan engine in production
A 735m blade designed and produced by LM Wind Power for the Block Island Wind Farm developed 38 miles offshore from Rhode Island for Deepwater Wind It is the first commercial offshore wind farm in the US