[IMTS Preview] Sandvik Coromant to Showcase a Wide Variety of Tooling Innovation

[IMTS Preview] Sandvik Coromant to Showcase a Wide Variety of Tooling Innovation

Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant will be showcasing a broad range of tools at IMTS 2010.

To meet growing demand from the aerospace sector for reliable and efficient hole making technology in composite materials, cutting tool and tooling systems specialist, Sandvik Coromant launched its specially designed CoroDrill 854 and CoroDrill 856. These tools were developed to withstand the harsh demands of the latest CFRP materials and aluminum stacks. The geometrical shape of CoroDrill 854 is designed to improve hole entrance and hole exit quality on high fiber content materials.

Sandvik Coromant insert grade GC1135 offers quality for threading operations in stainless steels, super alloys and profiles requiring sharp cutting edges. The grade is available in the 0.630” insert for CoroThread 266.

CoroMill 490, the milling cutter that can shoulder mill, face mill, edge, contour, slice, slot, in all materials, can now take up to 0.393” depth of cut. The latest release in the CoroMill 490 family is a 0.551” insert designed for larger depths of cut and engagements up to 0.393”. The new insert size is introduced in an extensive program of cutter bodies in diameter range 1.574” – 9.842” and in grades and geometries for steel and cast iron machining.

Grades S30T and S40T are available for a variety of CoroMill cutters for face, shoulder, long-edge and high feed milling, plunging, profiling and slot milling. Grade S30T was developed with productive titanium milling in focus, combining the properties of micro-grain carbide and a wear resistant PVD coating. This enables very sharp cutting edges that resist fatigue and micro chipping and results in cutting edges that are preserved for longer times in cut at higher cutting speeds.

A new range of integrated tool holders compatible with CoroMill 316 exchangeable-head (EH) tools achieves a secure performance with comparable tool overhang, regarding torque transmission, run out and accuracy. When all machining variables are the same, integrated holders with an EH coupling also provide shorter total programming length and stability. The holders can be used in many tooling combinations to suit applications and machine tools using a smaller inventory of standard items.

Visit IMTS Booth #W-1500

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