Universal Shoulder and Face Milling Tool

SANDVIK COROMANT introduced a new shoulder milling tool, the CoroMill® MS60, for 90-degree milling operations in steel and cast iron but versatile enough for other applications, such as face milling and various ramping processes. As a multi-edge concept with positive cutting action, cutting forces are low for vibration-free machining, which translates into a high cost-efficiency per edge.

“CoroMill® MS60 is a universal shoulder and face milling solution, primarily designed for roughing to semi-finishing operations in steel and cast iron, with two geometries capable of handling both these application areas as well as secondary areas ISO M and ISO S,” explained Jocelyn Lanaro, global product application specialist at Sandvik Coromant. “As such, it is possible to handle mixed material batches, including stainless steel and nickel-based alloys, without changing inserts.”

Featuring a true 90-degree entering angle, CoroMill® MS60 is mainly a shoulder milling tool — even though it excels in many other areas too.

“From general milling operations to side milling, slot milling, helical ramping and face milling — CoroMill® MS60 truly is an all-round solution,” Lanaro said. “It is usually the first tool chosen during the early stages of universal milling operations, handling the roughing to semi-finishing stages, leaving the finishing to dedicated solutions."

Another standout feature to highlight is the direct pressed, six-edged inserts: “They are manufactured using a highly advanced multi-axis pressing technology, meaning it has been possible to gather both a smooth cut and ramping capability in the same insert, enhancing the versatility of the product.”

Providing four different diameters in both metrics (50-100 mm) and inches (2-4 inch), CoroMill® MS60 offers a compact yet comprehensive range, making both selection and usage easier.

Learn more at www.sandvik.coromant.com