Turning Adaptors Eliminate Vibration

SANDVIK COROMANT has upgraded the damping mechanism for its Silent Tools™ turning adaptors for more consistent performance and improved surface finish during internal turning operations at long overhangs.

The Silent Tools tool-holding system aids machining at long overhangs by effectively damping vibrations. Now, 37 cylindrical items from the turning adaptor range (diameters 32-100 mm and 1¼-4 inches) have been improved and equipped with an overhauled and refined damping mechanism.

“The damping mechanism has been substantially upgraded compared to the former generation of Silent Tools turning adaptors,” stated Åke Axner, global product manager, Machine Integration. “The damper body, previously requiring manual fine-tuning, is now calibrated and assembled by a machine. This automation results in a highly precise and predictable frequency area, perfectly matched to each adaptor’s intended overhang and application. This means that Silent Tools turning adaptors are more efficient at countering vibration forces at long overhangs than ever before.”

Thanks to the upgrade, Silent Tools turning adaptors will ensure improved consistency and machining repeatability over all available length-to-diameter ratios, for a more reliable and high-performing product.

To ensure accuracy in set-ups and optimal tool health, the upgraded turning adaptors are accompanied by a new digital device, the Tool Status Checker.

“Tool Status Checker is designed for seamless monitoring of Silent Tools turning adaptors on a Windows tablet or computer,” Axner explained. “It is compatible with all versions of our turning adaptors. Just snap it onto the adaptor’s serration lock interface using the built-in magnet, download the software and you’re ready to go.”

With Tool Status Checker’s center height setting feature, a precise set-up is guaranteed every time, while the temperature monitoring feature ensures that the adaptor is always working within its specified temperature range.

Axner highlighted another valuable feature: “It is now possible to make sure that the adaptor is operational before machining starts. Thanks to Tool Status Checker’s tap-test feature and the included hammer, it is easy to compare the current set-up to a previous one and get a go or no-go result directly in the software. This is a feature that our customers have long requested, and we are delighted to deliver it to them.”

Learn more at www.sandvik.coromant.com