Precision Workholding Device for Grinding

ANCA is in partnership with GDS to offer the µGrind workholding system in a customized format to suit the requirements of ANCA grinding machines. The performance of any process relies on the performance of its individual components. This is particularly relevant in the grinding of precision tools. The need for extreme accuracy and exacting tolerances, result in the demand for accessories that are more precise, easy to use and maintenance-free.

A selection of quality, easy-to-use workholding devices that provide minimal and consistent runout is a prerequisite for successful grinding, resulting in quality tools and satisfied customers.

One of GDS’ products is the µGrind workholding device, now available from ANCA’s distribution network, and it can be installed in minutes for benefits that include:

  • Time savings due to minimal and consistent 2 µm runout that provides consistency over large batches and collet changes.
  • Easy set-up means that µGrind is ready for grinding quickly, and readjustment between collet changes is not needed. Concentricity and wobble adjustments are simple to perform.
  • Flexibility thanks to a suite of compatible collets with form factors that suit almost all applications. µGrind comes in standard and long-nose forms to suit almost all applications. 

µGrind performance has been tested in live applications and the results are very consistent. A test was performed over a large batch of 6mm tools where runout was measured before and after grinding at 2.5 x Ø and 10 x Ø. Even with thousands of clamping and diameter changes, the runout remained virtually unchanged.

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