Variablespeed drives now provide diagnostics such as warnings on current draw values that can indicate deterioration in motor performance or which might highlight problems in the equipment connected to the motor shaft
Plant managers are responsible for daytoday management and coordination of production logistics and maintenance
This 316 stainless steel cylinder is 144 in long with a bore size of 85 in and with a main section wall thickness of 15 in  The part was finish bored honed and machined at American Hollow Boring Co with total indicator runout under 0010 in in the bore  With the bore complete all other finished features were made according to the drawing
When drilling very deep holes itrsquos important to allow enough stock for clean up after a worstcase runout of 0001 in per inch  A part that is 180 in long should allow more than 0180 in for cleanup in the bore
The heart of a hydraulic piston pump called a cylinder block or rotor starts as a turned blank up to eight inches diameter Then nine circumferential piston bores from 01875 to 15 in 48  381 mm diameter are roughed in on a machining center and the part may be heattreated
For finishbored holes the standard for accuracy is 0001in runout per foot or better  Precision straightening may be employed before or after drilling a hole Honing is used often to provide uniform size and finish
There are options for boring rough holes straight through from one end to the other from either end or in steps
The Measure Button launches the Measurement Toolbar with the Measurement Wizard enabled to determine automatically the feature under inspection eliminating any user interaction and offering true TouchLess CMM Inspection
Lt Col John Stapp aboard the rocket sled at Muroc Army Air Field later Edwards Air Force Base The first mannedrun of the rocket sled took place in December 1947 and a total of 74 manned tests were conducted through 1951
Once the finished bearing races have been automatically measured the hardturned components are engraved and then placed in shipping containers by the robot