Handheld Mini Videoscope for NDT, Remote Visual Inspection

TITAN TOOL SUPPLY INC., suppliers of optical instrumentation and precision micro-finishing tools, launch the TVGM series – a family of miniature, high-definition handheld industrial-grade videoscopes designed to support various non-destructive testing and remote visual-inspection tasks.

Offered in four models with a choice of either a 3.9-mm or 6-mm camera, and either a 1.5-M or 3M-long videoscope probe, the TVGM series features dual-key operation, a fully modular and ergonomic design, ease of portability, one-handed operation, and end-user capability to easily swap out probe lengths for increased application adaptability.

The end-user interface of the TVGM series also offers fully selectable operation in up to 10 languages.

At the heart of each TVGM series videoscope is a powerful onboard controller delivering high-definition imaging, reliability, and stability. Each TVGM series videoscope is further equipped with a high-sensitivity, onboard 720P CMOS sensor, supporting continuous remote visualization, inspection, and observation tasks, even under low or reduced light conditions.

A 4.3-inch high-definition LCD touchscreen display with high-intensity LED illumination allows for clear viewing of the magnified images and videos captured remotely by the high-resolution videoscope camera. The device also offers on-demand recording, easy file access, parameter setting, and real-time data storage of JPG or AVI files onto an onboard 32 GB microSD card.

In addition, TVGM series videoscopes feature an IP67-rated, wear-resistant braided tungsten alloy insertion cable for 360-degree, manual articulation. The cable provides abrasion resistance and includes a unique self-locking capability for more precise control.

The series also includes a four-hour working rechargeable battery for an extended field service life and is supplied with a waterproof carrying case.

Typical applications for TVGM series videoscopes include remote visual inspections of smaller-sized precision industrial machinery and equipment; casting inspection; aviation MRO, automotive service, and commercial HVAC inspections; remote detection of foreign objects, blockages, and structural defects; and comparative remote measurements of automotive engine cylinders, pistons, valves, carbon deposit detection, hydraulic and pneumatic parts, steel pipes, castings, and containers, even in low or reduced light conditions and space-constrained environments.

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