Two Tool Clamping/Unclamping Units Spotlighted

REGO-FIX USA will spotlight two new tool clamping/unclamping units for the powRgrip® toolholding system and a new spindle drawbar force testing tool at IMTS 2024 in booth 431822. The new units are the PGA (automatic) 9500 and the powRgrip Single, while the ForceMaster tool is the latest addition to company’s family of metrology products.

The automation-ready PGA 9500 provides a simple way to automate the tool set-up process when using the REGO-FIX powRgrip toolholding system. As such, it allows tools to be set up unmanned and around-the-clock.

For seamless integration, the PGA 9500 easily connects, via a robot, to other equipment as well as to tool storage areas. Its automatic door and easily controllable clamping device make the PGA 9500 well suited for working within existing automation systems. Its space-saving design, safe operation and the fact that it generates no heat or hazardous fumes make the clamping unit the ideal solution even in limited spaces.

The powRgrip Single, like the other members of the powRgrip family of toolholding systems, is easy to use and provides fast, efficient and safe operation. In fact, the powRgrip Single is the company’s fastest powRgrip clamping device with a cycle time of less than 5 seconds. It’s also smaller in size and manufactured with Swiss precision that ensures strong and stable gripping for longer tool life and cost effectiveness.

While other powRgrip loading/unloading units accommodate several toolholding collet sizes, the powRgrip Single is designed for one holder size series. This is in direct response to shops requiring the use of only one series of PG holders.

Because of its size, the powRgrip Single requires less room and saves on valuable workbench/worktable space. This also allows the unit to be placed in tight areas close to point of use for added convenience.

To make machine tool spindle drawbar testing, tracking and documenting easier than ever, especially for shops with a variety of machines, REGO-FIX developed its ForceMaster drawbar tool. It allows shops to quickly measure drawbar pull-force, and the tool adapts to virtually any machine tool spindle.

More than a dozen available adapters thread on to the tool to measure all popular spindle tapers, including HSK, SK, BT, CAT and others. This flexibility makes the ForceMaster a universal metrology tool for the shop floor. With one rugged, robust measuring tool, operators can ensure spindle clamping force meets manufacturer recommendations to mitigate chatter, tool and drawbar damage, while minimizing the risk of crashed spindles.

ForceMaster also integrates into digital production environments and is fully accessible via a mobile phone app available for Apple and Android devices. The device dashboard can be mirrored to perform measurements remotely, and all information is downloadable for analysis and tracking.

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