CAMplete TurnMill Version 60 offers 64bit support for larger programs and the tool library was redesigned and enhanced for greater easeofuse and faster processing Methods Machine Tools Inc.
<p> CAMplete TurnMill Version 6.0 offers 64-bit support, for larger programs, and the tool library was re-designed and enhanced for greater ease-of-use and faster processing</p>

More Functionality, Efficiency with Updated Mill-Turn CAM

Additional support for Fanuc Macro B Improved error handling, reporting and navigation Post-processing compatible with multiple platforms

Methods Machine Tools is rolling out Version 6.0 of CAMplete TurnMill software, a CAM platform for Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning centers that includes several upgrades that expand macro language support, improve error handling, and increase post-processing capabilities, among other updates. 

CAMplete TurnMill software is an integrated suite of G-code editing, optimization, analysis and verification tools that provide a full range of turn/mill functions. It is supplied as a standard CAM program for Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning centers.

Methods Machine Tools is the exclusive U.S. supplier of Nakamura-Tome machines, and CAMplete TurnMill software was developed originally to combine G-code from CAM systems and hand-coded G-code into a set of programs that could be simulated, fine-tuned, and optimized using detailed 3-D Nakamura machine models. 

The new version of CAMplete includes additional support for Fanuc Macro B language, including G# and M# calls; G65 macro calls; local, common, system and shared variables; variable math; IF / Goto statements and sub program calls.

Also, the new version gives programmers the ability to create custom macros that can be inserted into any G-code or formatted program.

Upgrades also include improved error handling, reporting and navigation, and an improved simulation progress display that shows nested program calls. 

New regeneration controls have been added to show the active program and current location, including line number, within the program.

Post-processing support was expanded in CAMplete TurnMill Version 6.0 to be compatible with Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM software for milling from CUT files for 3+2 milling, 5-axis milling and canned cycles; Mastercam® CAD/CAM software support from NCI files; and OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL® post-processing from POF files.  Mastercam and HyperMill post-processing works with ATC and WT-Series machines, turning, milling and 5-Axis milling.

“CAMplete TurnMill Version 6.0 features upgrades that will further enhance our Nakamura multitasking solution.  Users now have a number of new functions that will result in greater productivity,” according to Richard Parenteau, director of applications development at Methods Machine Tools.

Other upgrades include stock creation for the main/sub-spindle and new material-removal simulation. 

CAMplete TurnMill Version 6.0 offers full 64-bit support to accommodate larger programs and provide increased performance.  The tool library was re-designed and improved to be faster and easier to use.

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