Methods Offers New Turn/Mill Software for MTM

June 9, 2011
CAMplete program for Nakamura-Tome turning centers
CAMplete TruePath Turn / Mill software is functions as an integrated suite of G-code editing, optimization, analysis, and verification tools for Nakamura lathes.

Methods Machine Tools Inc. is introducing a comprehensive programming and processing software for multitask machines, enabling a full range of turn/ mill functions. The CAMplete TruePath Turn / Mill software is offered for Nakamura-Tome Multitasking turning centers, and functions as an integrated suite of G-code editing, optimization, analysis and verification tools.

CAMplete Solutions Inc. develops 5-axis machining and machine simulation programs, including the TruePath TurnMill, TruePath, and CAMplete Port programs, which are in use by OEMs in the aerospace, automotive, medical, mold-and-die, prototyping, and turbomachinery sectors, as well as mutli-axis machining operations.

“The new CAMplete Turn / Mill software on our Nakamura lathes offers an enhanced multitasking solution. We have worked closely with CAMplete to bring our customers to an entirely new level of machining productivity,” stated Richard Parenteau, director of application development at Methods Machine Tools Inc.

Methods Machine Tools supplies precision machine tools, automation and accessories, and is the exclusive U.S. and Mexico importer of Nakamura-Tome machines.

The machine supplier explained that CAMplete Turn / Mill was developed as a platform that combines G-code from CAM systems and hand-coded G-code into a set of programs that can be simulated, tuned, and optimized using detailed 3-D Nakamura machine models. Among its functional modes are:
Simulation — including full simulation of Nakamura turning centers and programs; and detailed tooling and workholding libraries.
G-code Editing — including an edit capability that allows modification of posted or unposted data; and the ability to automatically update changes to both the toolpath and the G-code.
Optimization — including wait-code editing; a function for reordering and moving operations; and one for fine-tuning, optimizing, and simplifying multitasking steps.
Analysis — including monitoring capability for all aspects of machining motion; and indicators for true cutting speeds, axis velocity and acceleration, and motion deviations.
Verification — including G-code verification and verification of machine, tooling, and workholding using detailed Nakamura machine models.

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