SprutCAM Ency virtual AI assistant.

CAD/CAM/OLP for Next-Generation Makers

Oct. 12, 2023
“Software ecosystem” includes learning opportunities for G-code, with the first virtual AI assistant for CAD/CAM, robot programming extension, workflow streamlining, and other new features.

SPRUTCAM TECH released new versions of its CAD/CAM/OLP software products that it claims form “an entire software ecosystem.” They are the most powerful and functional versions to date but at the same time easy to learn and use.

SprutCAM X 17 and SprutCAM X Robot 17 are equipped with the Éncy virtual AI assistant, which presents new learning opportunities for G-code proficiency. For programming industrial robots that handle parts of incredible shapes, enormous dimensions, and various materials, SprutCAM X Robot, is an “all-in-one CAD/CAM/OLP solution,” with applications for welding, additive manufacturing, pick-and-place, assembly, painting, trimming, and more.

One of the innovations in version 17 is Multiproject, which streamlines workflows for greater time efficiency and makes it easy to reuse similar approaches across multiple projects.

“Snapshots” functions like an Undo feature for CAM workflow. It automatically creates snapshots triggered by events, offers rapid Undo functionality through the snapshots list, and provides a snapshot manager for convenient preview.

The Machine Setup File is a time-saver, especially for users who work on many projects with standard parts. It enables the easy and quick transfer of machine digital twins, settings, and tools from a ready-made template.

The Machining Report has been completely reworked, offering report generation with only relevant content, swift report generation, high-quality image output, a fresh and intuitive user interface, advanced expert mode with extensive settings, fine-grained control over the graphic scene, export functionality in multiple formats, and a diverse selection of report templates.

In version 17, special attention is given to 3-axis operations. For example, the Roughing Waterline operation now offers new features like seamless integration of rest machining in corners, accelerated calculation speed by 30-40% (using a single core of the CPU), significantly enhanced stability, simulation features that emphasize cutting during non-cutting feed movements, and simulation features that highlight incorrect plunges.

A new operation for 3-axis milling, Undercut Waterline, is introduced, supporting any kind of undercut tools (lollipop, disk tool, slot tool, etc.), adaptive rough passes, and multicore calculation.

Five-axis Solid Simulation with unprecedented tolerance has been added, particularly beneficial when using very small tools with large stock, such as Wire EDM or laser cutting operations.

SprutCAM X 17 is more than just CAD/CAM software: The introduction of a new Online Project Library offers a cloud-based platform to facilitate collaboration and project sharing among SprutCAM X developers, partners, and customers.

MachineMaker, a digital-twin builder for robotic cells and CNC machines, supports milling machines with optional axes, turn-mill machines, and Swiss-type machines. The addition of a new interactive simplifier allows you to remove some elements from the digital twin of a machine to speed up your work in MachineMaker.

The built-in CAD module receives menus and windows optimized for HD monitors, improved performance and stability, new operations: fillets and chamfers, and enhanced Boolean operations. Additionally, new sketching features are introduced.

New smart hints are introduced to quickly navigate the parameters, making them interactive and intuitive, aiding new users in navigating hundreds of technological parameters. Design and interface improvements have been made in SprutCAM X 17, with evolutionary changes ensuring a better color balance for long work and consistent interface design across various second-level windows. These changes result in one window for everything, keeping all necessary tools at hand, and a laconic and straightforward design that eliminates distractions and maintains a consistent workflow.

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