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Faster CAM for Faster Cutting, Faster Profitability

ESPRIT 2016 introduces a new roughing strategy, speeds simulation, add several advanced tool settings

DP Technology Corp. recently released the newest iteration of its Esprit CAM platform, calling Esprit 2016 its “ultimate machine tool solution” that will “accelerate machining to optimize profits.”

The first notable new feature available with Esprit 2016 is ProfitTurning, a roughing strategy for high-speed lathes that applies a new physics-based cutting engine. Explaining that standard cutting strategies consider only the geometry of the part, ProfitTurning will create a toolpath by considering multiple cutting factors and machine characteristics that influence machining performance.

“Esprit 2016’s ProfitTurning remarkably improves chip control on hard materials, such as titanium and Inconel,” according to Cedric Simard, global marketing and communication director at DP Technology. “In addition, ProfitTurning reduces irregular cutting forces and vibration tendencies. The net result is a drastic reduction in cycle time, up to 50% more compared to traditional cutting methods.”

Simulation speed also plays has been improved, without compromising accuracy or stability. Esprit 2016 includes increased simulation speed and higher quality surface finishing saving the user valuable time, according to the developer.

CAM programmers will gain the advantages of several advanced tool settings. Additional Barrel Tool Support has been extended to cover more five-axis and three-axis cutting cycles, and the cloud-enabled version of Esprit supports the MachiningCloud APP, so programmers can retrieve optimal cutting tool solutions and import easily them directly into Esprit.

Esprit 2016 has enhanced CAD recognition functions to correct and detect any acute unseen defects in imported models, and users can edit or remove fillets (or even extract a spine curve from fillets) as a tool drive curve in machining operations.

Esprit 2016’s new Hole Feature Recognition automatically recognizes different types of complex holes, and names them accordingly. Esprit also measures the curvature angle of open holes, making complex drilling operations more accurate and productive.

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