CAM Releases Reveal What’s Happening Now

Nov. 15, 2018
Program developers respond to what machine programmers want —more process speed, more access to automation, and wider application of CAM functionality to Z axes, and more links to hybrid manufacturing processes.

If manufacturing technology is a look over the horizon at the soon-to-be standards for production, manufacturing software — CAM software — is a look at what CNC machine programmers and operators are doing now. Virtually every CAM platform works to keep its network of users satisfied, adopting the suggestions, addressing their concerns, and adapting their functions to suit the production requirements of right now.

A regular look into the new capabilities of CAM releases is always instructive: here we learn that the programmers and operators need more process speed, more access to automation systems, and wider application of CAM functionality to Z axes. There is also an increasing recognition of the reality of hybrid machining — CAM programs that link standard ‘subtractive’ manufacturing to laser-based additive manufacturing.