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CAM Programming and Other Software Developments 2018, V.2

From CAD to nesting and toolpath generation, to quality control and even virtual machining: a review of some of recent software releases for machining and manufacturing

Every business, including machine shops and similar manufacturers, operates as a series of decisions. Large and small, routine and extraordinary, one decision after another keeps the business in business. There are thousands of them carried out every day, most of them routinely, and most of them by an advanced software program.

In machining operations, CAM software is the most recognizable but it’s not the only sort of program adopted by machine operators, quality-control technicians, shop engineers, and business planners to keep the decision-making process smooth and on target. Following here is a review of some of the new software releases of recent weeks, for machinists, technicians, or schedulers, or anyone facing a big (or small) decision.

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