CGTech recently released Vericut CNC 7.3, which CNC programmers deploy to detect potential collisions and near-misses in machining toolpaths, simulating the machining process with animations and links to tool-management systems.

Vericut CNC to Incorporate UTC Machine Optimization Functions

Aug. 21, 2014
Aerospace manufacturer’s cutting optimization program will be integrated with Vericut CNC simulation platform 50% productivity increase for cutting aerospace parts Reduced development time, shorter cycle times, less process variation, … Longer machine life, improved part quality

CGTech, the developer of Vericut CNC, a numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimization and analysis software, has taken a license with defense manufacturer United Technologies Corp. to integrate the latter’s PromptFM machining process optimization program into its CAM simulation suite, Veritech CNC.

United Technologies is a holding company for a series of manufacturing businesses, notably in the defense aerospace market, with business units that include Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, and UTC Aerospace.

The terms of the licensing agreement were not revealed.

"CGTech sees significant value in the widespread adoption of this technology, both for existing Vericut customers and for any business using machining in its manufacturing processes," said Jon Prun, president of CGTech. "UTC has demonstrated the value of this optimization technology within its own operations, and we are excited to bring additional capabilities to what is already the industry standard for CNC machining simulation."

While Vericut CNC is a program for simulating cutting and machining processes, and to detect errors or inefficiencies in cutting operations, the recent releases have emphasized wider integration with CAD/CAM technologies. This has widened its exposure to other manufacturing markets and processes, including aerospace, defense, oil-and-gas, power generation, motorsports, automaking/transportation, medical devices and implants, as well as general precision and heavy engineering.

According to CGTech, the PromptFM software was developed specifically to be compatible with the Vericut platform. Reportedly, since implementing PromptFM in its own machining processes, UTC has seen productivity improvements of up to 50%.

PromptFM is a physics- and mathematics-based modeling software designed developed by United Technologies to optimize machining rates for machined aerospace parts. It’s also said to be applicable in other industrial product categories, including automotive, where automated machining is in use.

According to the description provided by CGTech, PromptFM seeks to determine optimal speeds for a cutting process, based on the type of material being cut, to make the fastest and most efficient use of CNC machine.

The licensing agreement will allow CGTech to develop software products that reduce development time, cycle times and process variation, and prolongs machine life, as well as improves quality on finished parts.

"This agreement with CGTech is just one more example of UTC's strategy to accelerate innovation and drive productivity within UTC and also with a much broader audience," stated Kelly Romano, UTC vice president of business development. "The widespread adoption and integration of this leading software technology has the opportunity to drive efficiency throughout the machining industry."

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