The Intelli-MAX suite’s new scripting engine allows waterjet operators with advanced programming skills to create standalone applications for automating their machines.

Speedier, Simpler Waterjet Programming

Oct. 23, 2013
Enhancements, new functions New toolpath planning engine New scripting engine

OMAX Corporation released a new version of its Intelli-MAX Software Suite for automatically optimizing cutting toolpaths on its abrasive waterjet systems. The “intuitive” Intelli-MAX 20 control software incorporates several enhancements to improve the cutting speed and memory utilization of OMAX waterjets, as well as new tools that allow for increased operator efficiency.  

OMAX designs and manufactures abrasive waterjet technology for several table sizes and price ranges, as well as the control software,

“This proprietary software, which we continuously update and improve, requires minimal operator training and makes it easy for users to create precision parts faster and at a lower cost,” according to Carl Olsen, lead software engineer for OMAX. “Not only does the software simplify the control of the jet stream while cutting, it also automates programming and tool setup work,” he said.  

The new automatic toolpath planning engine in Intelli-MAX 20 improves the artificial intelligence of OMAX waterjets, creating less need for operator involvement, improved collision avoidance functionality and more efficient traversing between parts.

The developer also added a new scripting engine to Layout, the specialized CAD portion of the Intelli-MAX suite. The scripting engine allows waterjet operators with advanced programming skills to create standalone applications for automating their machines. For example, customers can add barcodes to documents that, when scanned, are automatically built into the cutting parameters of the control software.

The scripting engine also extends the commands of the CAD applications, which users can further leverage through OMAX’s fee-based custom programming services.    

Other new functions of Intelli-MAX 20 include circular window, bridging and capping commands, improved advanced 3D machining features, enhanced machine monitoring, and alerts, as well as new parametric shapes for easier 3D pipe cutting.

The new Intelli-MAX 20 Software Suite is free to all current OMAX JetMachining center owners, and backed by the developer support. By continuously adding and updating its help screens, users have access to over 2,000 pages of tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and tips and tricks directly at the control.

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