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The IntelliVISOR systemmonitoring package works to increase the efficiency and uptime of any OMAX JetMachining Center by connecting operation controls with machine maintenance

Advanced Monitoring System for WaterJet Cutting

Oct. 25, 2012
Increased waterjet efficiency Higher machine uptime Modbus communications, streamlined software interface

OMAX Corporation now offers a system-monitoring program for its abrasive waterjet cutting systems, introduced recently at IMTS 2012. The developer demonstrated how users could apply the Intelli-VISOR package to oversee the status and performance of an abrasive waterjet throughout the entire cutting process.

Intelli-VISOR also works to increase the efficiency and uptime of any OMAX JetMachining Center by connecting operation controls with machine maintenance.

OMAX Corp. designs and manufactures advanced abrasive waterjet technology in a range of table sizes, and develop the applicable, intuitive control software. The  OMAX JetMachining centers and MAXIEM JetCutting centers are available for applications in a range of industries.

OMAX designs its accessories to be retrofitable to its existing machine models, though the Intelli-VISOR package is compatible only with the latest Intelli-MAX 18 Software (available free to current OMAX customers.)

As a function of OMAX’s new Intelli-MAX 18 control software, Intelli-VISOR uses an industry-standard Modbus communications protocol and features a streamlined software interface and robust machine sensor network to capture and share real-time data from different components across the OMAX JetMachining Center. As a result, operators can monitor and analyze important machining parameters effectively, including cutting activity, pump pressure and abrasive levels, as well as keep track of machine hours and maintenance schedules.  

Through its custom-programmed parameters, or modules, Intelli-VISOR allows the operator to configure which aspect of the machine is to be monitored, and the action that the machine is to initiate if an operation is about to fail or has failed. This includes pausing the machine to protect the cutting head and workpiece and administering an alert notification.  

Adding to its adaptability, Intelli-VISOR can alert the operator of an issue at the machine control screen, and with an Internet connection it can distribute an alert (to up to four people) via email or SMS text messaging.

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