Omax, ICAM Collaborate on Multiple CAM Interfaces

March 29, 2012
NC post-processing software for abrasive waterjet cutting operations

Waterjet machining specialist Omax Corporation is collaborating with ICAM Technologies Corp. to supply NC post-processing software to connect Omax abrasive waterjet cutting machines (as well as the affiliated Maxiem brand of waterjet machines) with major CAD/CAM systems, including CATIA, ProE (Creo Parametric), Siemens NX, and Mastercam.

ICAM Technologies develops and supplies advanced NC post-processing programs for a range of industrial applications. Recently it added an integrated machine tool simulator to its portfolio, Virtual Machine, strengthening its NC offerings for manufacturing operations.

Virtual Machine provides Machine Code Data (MCD) verification, driven by the ICAM Control Emulator, to improve CNC machine optimization, make NC programming more productive, and increase manufacturing process efficiency.

ICAM’s product suite also includes CAM-Post for NC post-processor development with the option for integrated machine tool simulation using Virtual Machine. And, ICAM supports G-code verification driven with Control Emulator inside Virtual Machine.

Omax Corp.’s Omax and Maxiem brand abrasive waterjet machines are programmed with its own Intelli-MAX software for simple and precise process control. Combining Intelli-MAX with advanced NC post-processors from ICAM will benefit Omax and Maxiem owners with more sophisticated features that coincide with high-end 3D CAD/CAM packages, the machine builder stated. For example, it indicated that Omax and Maxiem waterjet operators can program complex multi-axis toolpaths and simultaneously achieve process speed and accuracy thanks to the Intelli-MAX Software Suite. Furthermore, it said, operators can program multi-process tool paths within a single CAD/CAM system.

“We are collaborating with ICAM because of their extensive skills and experience in implementing and supporting advanced machining applications,” stated Omax Corp. senior softare engineer Carl Olsen. “We were especially impressed with ICAM’s manufacturing expertise within the aerospace and automotive sectors because these are two of the many industry segments that greatly benefit from the speed and flexibility of our waterjet machines.”

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