A digital camera housing machined in aluminum by of PS Technik Praumlzisionsteile GmbH

With CAM … Camera Designer Achieves “Exceptional”

July 29, 2013
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P+S Technik is a specialty camera manufacturer, emphasizing technological precision using the best technologies available. “That way,” according to the company, “pictures become more ambitious, more unique and more thrilling: everyday images turn into exceptional pictures.”

Since the Munich-based company was established in 1990, its guiding maxim has been its “passion for innovation and exceptional pictures,” which is reflected by the high-end professional film equipment it manufactures.

PS X35, an example of P+S Technik Präzisionsteile GmbH technology for cinematography.

Thanks to its consistent innovations, it is known as a pioneer in digital cinematography and stereo 3D technologies. Currently the company offers a range of other products and is especially well known for its award-winning P+S Technik image converters, the MINI35 and the PRO35, which represent “the fusion of classical 35-mm film lenses and digital recording.” By its development of these products, P+S Technik directly influenced the progress of digital film.

With this background, it’s no surprise that manufacturing processes at P+S Technik are just as innovative as its products. “Back in 2004, we decided to start using Esprit at P+S Technik for the milling part of the production area. It was delivered in a bundle with our Haas CNC machine, and included the ability to use CAD files directly in Esprit. This alone was reason enough to start using Esprit,” explained managing director Richard Wagner.

Espritis a, full-spectrum, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for a full range of machine tool applications, including 2- to 5-axis milling, turning, wire EDM, and multi-tasking machines.

“Esprit was easy, always correct, and offered efficient programing without the need to redefine geometry that already existed in the form of a drawing or 3D model,” Wagner continued.

This Esprit functionality was a clear differentiator for P+S Technik in 2004, and remains so. With Esprit’s new FX technology that allows programmers to import feature-defining information generated within a 3D CAD system, it is even more powerful now. Programmers are able to generate complete manufacturing processes from the 3D CAD feature information within Esprit.

“My decision to consider Esprit as the right choice for us was confirmed again, when I saw my fifth milling machine delivered from Mori Seiki with an enriched Esprit CAM system fully supporting the capabilities of my machine,” Wagner added. “What I need is not just a CAM programing tool, but a working process to cut parts. DP Technology makes sure the process works in partnering with machine-tool builders and delivering solutions.

“Our next steps are to connect Esprit to a tool-management system, eventually, using the existing interface,” explained Wagner, “and also to use Esprit’s turning automation to more efficiently program our Okuma turning centers.”

Today, P+S TECHNIK employs about 40 engineers and continues to invest in machines and employees as it develops new technologies for over 1,700 clients, including optical specialists in and around Munich. However, the design and development of new film equipment remains the firm’s main focus (accounting for about 70% of the manufacturing division’s business.

In June 2010, the company launched the latest version of its groundbreaking WeissCAM – the WeissCAM HS-2 MK II. Developed with the well-known director of photography (and MD of WeissCAM) Stefan Weiss, the original WeissCAM HS-1 and the HS-2 have received major critical acclaim.

“The WeissCAM HS-2 is the most amazing high-speed camera I have ever shot with,” said Sam Nicholson, ASC, CEO and founder of Stargate Studios. Stargate produced the hugely popular TV series Heroes, which won a Primetime Emmy Award for “outstanding special visual effects.”

“It has held up to underwater, high speed, wild life, low light, minimum focus, maximum depth. It really is an amazing piece of equipment.”

Esprit was, is, and will continue to be the right choice for P+S Technik, as it supports the company’s need for the fast, efficient and innovative manufacturing of cinematographic equipment.

Patrick Burgun is the director of DP Technology Germany GmbH.

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