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New milling inserts

New milling inserts

Millshred endmills from Iscar have serrated and round inserts.
Feedmill-type inserts from Iscar can run at high table feeds.

Iscar Metals Inc. ( expanded its Millshred family of tools with a new ERW Millshred endmill that can carry a serrated-cutting-edge insert as well as a traditional round insert for machining deep cavities. Its serrated insert has four indexing orientation options while the round insert has eight. The cutter’s serrated non-continuous cutting edge is designed to overlap and provide a fully effective cutter configuration that produces smaller chips.

Iscar also has added OFMW 0706R10-FF inserts to its Heliocto and Feedmill families of tools. This new insert features eight, Feedmill-type, large radii, segmented cutting edges designed to increase feeds on face milling applications. The company said when used at small depths of cut, these new inserts can run at high table feeds. Also, the new inserts can be mounted into standard Heliocto HOF tools after removing their seats.

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