Vero Softwarersquos new roughing strategy mdash HM Roughing ndashincludes an offset algorithm for stepover values greater than 50 of the tool diameter

Vero Software’s new roughing strategy — HM Roughing –includes an offset algorithm for step-over values greater than 50% of the tool diameter.

New Roughing Algorithm Reflects ‘Increasing Complexity’ of Users Tasks

CAD-independent toolpath engine Automatically machine flat areas only

CAD/CAM/CAE developer Vero Softwarereleased a new version of its tooling program, Machining Strategist V14.  The multi-axis CAM software generates optimal high-speed CNC toolpaths for both the office and shop-floor use, according to the developer, which added that.  Machining Strategist is a “CAD independent solution” and can work with data from all major 3D modeling systems.

Within this new release, support for VISI 20 has been added and the CAD interfaces have been aligned to Parasolid v25, Vero noted.

Significant product enhancements include anew roughing algorithm that reportedly will benefit both the shops and manufacturing plants that use Machining Strategist and their OEM customers.  This new strategy “massively reduces rapid moments by controlling the tool movement so that it remains on the part,” following previous cut paths instead of rapid feeding to the new position.

Other toolpath optimization features include the ability to automatically machine flat areas only, instead of adding extra Z levels to clean up planar zones.

The new roughing algorithm also makes it possible to use large step-overs (greater than 50%), where an offset algorithm ensures total coverage of the machining area by adding smooth transition corner ‘pips’ to clean up any remaining areas. 

Other developments include:

•  Improvements to linking core area clearance toolpaths.

•  Linking horizontal area passes from outside to in (core linking).

•  Using pre-drilled entry points for cavity regions of core roughing toolpaths.

•  Minimizing retract moves on vertical walls.

•  Deploying more consistent lead arcs when linking.

Steve Youngs, MS development manager, concluded: "The ever-increasing complexity of our customers work continues to drive forward the development of Machining Strategist. Our ability to deliver solutions to their demanding requirements helps us all to win new business. Machining Strategist v14 keeps us at the leading edge of CAM technology as we look forward."

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