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Jet Airways centered at Mumbai is the second largest airline in India and operates over 300 flights daily to 74 destinations worldwide
<p>Jet Airways, centered at Mumbai, is the second largest airline in India, and operates over 300 flights daily to 74 destinations worldwide.</p>

Boeing Takes $8-Billion Order from India

Jet Airways orders 75 new 737 MAX 8 aircraft for fleet modernization program India&rsquo;s second largest airline 25 jets, 50 options Long-term prospects for Indian aviation

Boeing Commercial Airplanes confirmed a new order from India’s Jet Airways for 75 new 737 MAX 8 aircraft, an order announced at the 2015 Dubai Airshow.  According to the OEM, it is the largest order in Jet Airways' history and helps to fulfill the carrier’s jet-replacement program, and its announced strategy “to have the most modern and environmentally progressive airplane fleet.”

According to independent sources, the Jet Airways contract carries a nominal value of $8 billion at current list prices. It includes previous orders for 25 Next-Generation 737s, now converted to 737 MAX 8s, and options and purchase rights for an additional 50 aircraft.

Jet Airways is India’s second largest airline in terms of market share and passenger volume. It operates over 300 flights daily to 74 destinations worldwide.

"Incorporating the latest design and technology features, the highly efficient 737 MAX will allow us to drive our operational efficiency and reaffirms our commitment to providing a best-in-class full service travel experience to our guests," stated Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal. "This order is an endorsement of our confidence in the long-term prospects of the Indian aviation sector, which reflects the positive forecast for the country's economy and offers tremendous potential for growth and development." 

The 737 MAX is Boeing’s planned replacement design for the current 737 series, and will be the fourth generation of aircraft designated as 737. Like all its predecessors, it will be a twin-engine (the CFM International LEAP-1B), single-aisle aircraft for medium- and long-range passenger service. According to Boeing, it will achieve 20% lower fuel consumption than the current 737 models, and lower operating costs than competing single-aisle aircraft.

Production of the new 737 MAX series started this year, and the first aircraft will start commercial service in 2017. To date, Boeing has firm orders for 2,869 of the new models, including all four design variants.

The 737 MAX 8 will be the second design variant, with capacity from 162 to 200 passengers, according to the seating class arrangement. Southwest Airlines will be the launch customer for the 737 MAX 8.

"Boeing is proud that Jet Airways will be the first airline in India to take delivery of the 737 MAX," according to Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Ray Conner. "The 737 MAX will bring new standards for fuel efficiency and economics, and a premium passenger experience to Jet Airways."

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