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The fully automatic mixing and dosing system (MDS) with a tank size of up to 10,000 liters, constantly regulates the defined ratio of water quantity and cooling lubricant concentrate with high precision.

Optimal Dosing of Water-Miscible Coolants

June 22, 2023
Multi-modular system handles accurate dosing, mixing, and maintenance of cooling lubricants for grinding operations, detecting and extracting contaminants, to ensure long service life.

VOMAT offers a new, multi-module system for dosing, mixing, and maintaining water-miscible cooling lubricants for grinding machines, to ensure the correct dosing and mixing of water and concentrate fully automatically before and during use. It also detects contaminants and extracts them. A special distribution unit allows the connection to several grinding machines.

Thanks to their high water content, water-miscible cooling lubricants have, among other things, a very good cooling effect. The additives optimize the physical, chemical, and tribological properties of the cooling lubricant. Optimally dosed and mixed, modern emulsions and solutions make a significant contribution to process stability, reduced maintenance requirements, and minimized coolant and ancillary costs in their simple as well as economical use in certain grinding applications. In addition, they increase workplace safety and sustainably conserve resources and the environment.

The application properties of water-miscible cooling lubricants can be quickly changed by various interfering factors: One disadvantage compared with non-water-miscible cooling lubricants is their poor resistance to microorganisms. Infestation by fungi, bacteria, yeasts, etc. reduces the durability and corrosion protection of the emulsions. The hygienic conditions for the operating personnel deteriorate. Cooling lubricants contaminated with germs can, for example, cause serious health problems after contact with the skin.

A cooling lubricant with a high microbial load also poses a problem for the workpiece, tool, and machine, since discoloration of the machined parts, shorter tool life and corrosion can be the result. In addition, water-miscible coolants lose stability due to infestation by microorganisms. This reduces tool life and can cause operational problems and machine downtime.

With a fully automatic maintenance system, Vomat optimizes the time and cost for using water-miscible MWF. The system has a modular design and can be integrated into the respective conditions of each grinding system, as required.

The heart of the system is the fully automatic mixing and dosing system (MDS) with a tank size of up to 10,000 liters, which constantly regulates the defined ratio of water quantity and coolant concentrate with high precision.

"During grinding, there are drag-out losses, and some of the cooling lubricant also evaporates, so that the quantity and mixing ratio of water and concentrate are constantly changing,” according to Vomat’s Steffen Strobel. “This can negatively affect the usage properties and shorten the service life. It is therefore important that the machine operator continuously checks the mixing ratio and can take corrective action if necessary. Our MDS now takes over this manual process, including the prescribed logging. This saves time, costs and significantly increases process reliability."

In addition, the grinder can use an analysis module (AS) that identifies process-destabilizing contaminants, such as particles from the grinding process, and determines their content. A special extrusion system (ES) removes these contaminants.

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