New Twin Spindle Turning Center

MAG Industrial Automation Systems Hessapp Division is introducing the DVH250I twin spindle vertical pick-up turning center designed for high-volume production applications. The center has a work envelope of 11.8 in. by 7.9 in. (300 mm by 200 mm) and requires 64.5 sq. ft. of floor space. Designed to machine parts up to 9.8 in. (250 mm) in diameter, the DVH250I has a shuttle-type part feeder. Traverse rates are 1,772 ipm (45 m/min) in the X axis and 1,181 ipm (30 m/min) in the Z axis. The twin spindle design allows parallel production of two identical parts simultaneously, or parallel production of two different parts. The center can also be used to sequentially process a single part by moving it from spindle to spindle.
Each of the two machining areas can be equipped with a 12-position tool turret for static tools and powered tools are also available.

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