By integrating the capabilities of multiple machines into one system, the Puma SMX Series puts into use milling and turning capabilities that reduce machining time overall, and the number of machining operations a shop must handle.

Doosan Debuting “True Five-Axis” and MTM Centers

Aug. 13, 2014
New FM 200/5AX Linear 5, new Puma SMX 3100 S show the possibilities for manufacturing complex parts with precision and efficiency Optimal platform for complex machining Super-high speed spindle Ergonomics for productivity High-accuracy control functions

Doosan Infracore Machine Tools aims to grab some of the spotlight with two CNC machine premieres for IMTS 2014, a “true five-axis” machine and a new multi-tasking machine (MTM), both due for their first exposure to the North American market.

With advanced linear motor and direct drive technology, Doosan’s new FM 200/5AX Linear full 5-axis machining center was developed for projects that involve simultaneous 5-axis contouring. According to the supplier, the FM 200/5AX Linear offers manufacturers a reliable platform for machining numerous types of complex parts, including medical devices, automotive turbo chargers — any component design with a high emphasis on precision.

The FM200/5AX Linear machining center is built on a rigid bridge-type base formed in a high-stability mineral composite material. Because mineral castings absorb vibration at ten times the rate of iron castings, and provide much more thermal stability, parts are finished with exceptional surface profiles and tool life increases significantly.

The FM200/5AX Linear machining center is built on a bridge-type base formed in a mineral composite material. The X, Y and Z axes are driven by linear motors, boosting acceleration/deceleration feed rates, with very little backlash. The fourth and fifth axes rotary tables are equipped with direct drive motors.

The X, Y and Z axes on the FM200/5AX Linear are driven by high-precision linear motors, providing top-level acceleration/deceleration feed rates, with very little backlash. The fourth and fifth axes rotary tables are equipped with direct drive motors.

The platten size is 7.9 in. diameter with a capacity load of 33.1 lbs. Travels on the FM 200/5AX Linear are X-axis, 7.9 in., Y-axis, 13.4 in., and Z-axis, 11.8 in.  Rapid traverse rates on all axes are 1968.5 ipm, with a cutting federate of 787 ipm.

The 19-HP, 45,000-RPM spindle on the FM200/5AX Linear has an HSK E40 taper. As a result, vibration is minimized and stability is maximized. With 24-tool stations as the standard, productivity is improved with the reliability of a direct drive, servo-driven Automatic Tool Changer. Maximum tool diameter is 2 in., maximum tool length is 7.1 in., and maximum tool weight is 2.2 lb.

According to Doosan, experienced machinists will appreciate the benefits provided by Heidenhain CNC control, especially when approaching a complex part with full five-axis contouring. The FM200/5AX Linear also offers Heidenhain TNC control with an ergonomic swivel pendant and user friendly 19-in. screen.

3G Mill-Turn Machine

Doosan’s second premiere will be the Puma SMX 3100 S multi-tasking machine (MTM) — its third generation milling-turning MTM, integrating the capabilities of a vertical machining center and horizontal turning center. The Puma SMX Series is distinguished by a rigid 90° vertical axis and forward positioned automatic tool changer, to improve milling capabilities as well as enhanced operator ergonomics.

The Puma SMX Series will be available in two sizes, initially, the Puma SMX2600 with a 10 in. chuck and 3.1 in. bar capacity, and the Puma SMX3100, featuring a larger 12 in. chuck with 4 in. of bar capacity. Both models are able to machine parts up to 60 in. long and 26 in. in diameter. The X1-axis travel is 24.8 in., Z1-axis travel is 62.4 in., and the Y-axis is 11.8 in. The rapid traverse, X1, Z1 & Y specifications are 50/50/36 m/min.

The machines’ multi-tasking functions decrease the total processing time and number of machining operations by using a single setup, which results in exceptional high-speed performance for manufacturing processes that require accuracy and complex machining capabilities for turning, milling, and secondary operations. Using the SMX sub-spindle is an available option.

The Puma SMX Series executes high-precision machining thanks to high-rigidity construction using finite element analysis (FEA) in structural design and minimizing thermal deformation via oil cooler, and an accuracy-control feature based on multiple thermal compensation functions. The Y-axis machining area has been maximized through orthogonal design.

Ergonomic design also enhances operators’ convenience in set-up and operation, as well as maintenance — all of which contribute to the customer’s satisfaction.

High-accuracy control functions maintain precision during long-term machining processes by minimizing the thermal deformation of the spindle and the feed axis, and by maximizing the precision through the 0.0001° B-axis and C-axis. Oil cooler minimizes thermal deformation of the spindle and feed axis, and high rigidity and high precision are achieved with roller-type linear motion guides on all carriages.

The design of the Puma SMX Series machines promote easy access for maintenance and optimizes operator convenience by including customized functions — including front-located tool magazine (80 tools max), side-to-side movable, 85° swiveling Fanuc 31i control panel with adjustable height, and ATC operation panel (tool-to-tool change: 1.8 sec.)