IMTS 98: Metalworking machines

IMTS 98: Metalworking machines

This year's IMTS will spotlight technology advances in a wide range of metalworking machines.

This year's IMTS will spotlight technology advances in a wide range of metalworking machines.


High-accuracy CNC turning centers
Features of the HL-1 and HL-2 machines include AC servo drives with 710-ipm rapids, dual 32-bit processors, Fanuc and Yasnac compatibility, and OneTouch Power UP. Also featured are tool offset entry, 50 tool offsets, 26 work coordinates, tool life and load management, background editing, split-screen program review, speeds and feeds calculator, dual RS-232 ports, inch or metric programming, self diagnostics, programmable mirror imaging, graphic dry run, and four space M-functions. Interchangeable tool holders on the units accept 3 /4 and 1-in. square tools. I.D. holders accept boring bars up to 1 3 /4 in., and the shanks can be extended 4 1 /4 in. behind the turret face. Holders have built-in adjustable coolant nozzles. Each lathe comes standard with a hydraulic, through-hole, 8-in. chuck. Haas Automation Inc., Oxnard, Calif.

Automatic bar machine
Deckel Maho Gildemeister (DMG America) will feature the GM 35-8AC series of eight-spindle automatic bar machines. Also, two additional turning models that include programming software that simulates the work area and cutter path to simplify programming of dual spindle CNC lathes will be featured. DMG America, Schaumburg, Ill.

Flexible transfer line
Wasino Corp. USA will feature a new Flexible Transfer Line (FTL) linking multiple standard turning machines and machining centers into a transfer line. One of the advantages of the FTL includes the ability to ramp-up production without making a total investment up front. As production requirements change, the FTL can be reconfigured as necessary. Wasino Corp. USA, Wayne, N.J.

Dual-screen control
Hurco's Ultimax 4 control with UltiPro runs the company's 10 to 20-hp machining centers with X-axis travels of 20, 30, 40 and 60 in. The control features flat-display technology for operator ergonomics and advanced networking compatibility. Hurco Machine Tool Products, Indianapolis.

Horizontal spindle machining
Toyoda will feature the high-speed FA630 horizontal machining center. In terms of speed, the #50 taper boxway machine traverses and feeds up to 1,181 ipm.

This speed is made possible by a thin—3 µm— pulse-pressurized film of lubricant on the full length Ruloncoated ways. Toyoda Machinery USA, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Vertical machining center
Bridgeport's VMC 1500 portal style vertical machining center is designed for maximum stiffness, heat dissipation, and ease of maintenance. Hardened and ground square ways on the Z axis with linear recirculating ball bearings allow positioning accuracy within ±0.0002 and repeatability within ±0.00008, with traverse speeds up to 1,100 ipm on the X and Y axes and 787 ipm on the Z axis. Bridgeport Machines Inc., Bridgeport, Conn.

RAM horizontal machining center
A RAM500 and RAM630 from Giddings & Lewis Inc. have traverse rates of 50 m/min and 12,000-rpm spindle speed. The spindle power of 35 kW also produces high metal-removal capabilities. For high-torque applications, a 28.5-kW, 7,000-rpm spindle is available. Thyssen Production Systems/Giddings & Lewis, Fond du Lac, Wis. meter

Speed, flexibility and simplicity
The CNC-25 applies servo controlled CNC technology to Hydromat's modular concept to offer flexibility in rotary transfer machining. It drastically cuts changeover/setup time, machine downtime, and scrap associated with changeover. The result is a system with changeover flexibility for shorter production runs as well as competitive production rates for high-volume applications. Hydromat Inc., St. Louis.

Tilting head
The M8A is a horizontal machining center from Mandelli featuring a tilting spindle head along with CNC controlled spindle orientation. Torque performance of 768 ft/lb together with the 4,000-rpm spindle speed can be used for a wide range of applications from the aerospace sector on high-tech materials to the energy field on tough materials. The machine also has axis travels of: X = 63 in., Y = 49.3 in., and Z = 55.1 in. Mandelli USA Service, Rockford, Ill.

Turning and milling centers
Four models of Monarch Spinner precision CNC turning centers, two production machining centers, and Monarch's VMC-150B will be on exhibit. Ultra Precision turning centers with hard turning and sub-spindle versatility have true 40° slant beds and high-precision spindles achieving positioning accuracy to ±0.00002 in. and repeatability to ±0.00001 in. The turning/milling center has a 1.65-in. bar capacity and integrates capabilities of a five-axis machining center with those of a twin-spindle, 20-hp turning center. The machine features spindle speeds to 6,000 rpm, 18 live tool positions with tool speeds to 9,000 rpm, and glass scales on all axes. The Monarch Machine Tool Co., Cortland, N.Y.

Double-column VMC delivers ultra-high speed
An FJV-250UHS double-column vertical machining center cuts at rates up to 1,968 ipm with 0.7 g acceleration. The machine's 40-hp motor accelerates the spindle from 0 to 25,000 rpm in just 2.2 sec. Positioning accuracy of ±0.000098 in. and repeatability of ±0.000027 in., combined with responsive high-gain servo drives and MAZACC-3D contouring software, provide the accuracy for mold and pattern applications.The double-column construction reduces vibration, and Y-axis table travel provides increased accessibility as compared to a C-frame type. Mazak Corp., Florence, Ky.

Trunnion-style HMC does contour milling
As a trunnion-style machine, an HU50-5AX horizontal machining center simplifies 5-axis contour milling and reduces multiple setups for complex prismatic parts. Basic specifications include 28 X 33 X 33 in. X, Y, and Z travels, +5° to -95° A travel, and a 360° B travel. Pallet size is 19.5 in., and the machine is available with a 360-tool ATC magazine. Spindle speeds go to 20,000 rpm. Mitsui Seiki Inc., Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Bridge mill comes in two configurations
The new Universal Bridge Mill has a 94.4-in. total clearance between columns, and its bridge mounts on either a bed or rail-type platform to accommodate large workpieces In the table configuration, the mill has an X-axis travel of 157 in., a Y-axis travel of 98.4 in., Z-axis motion of 39.4 in., and a 20,000-lb table-load capacity. In a rail configuration, the machine's X axis can be extended in 12-ft increments to fit almost any part length. Cincinnati Milacron, Cincinnati.

HMC series caters to high-speed and heavy duty cutting
M-HE horizontal machining centers feature rapid traverse rates of 1,575 ipm, a 7-sec chip-to-chip time, and quick spindle startup time. Two machines in the series, a M-H60E and an M-H80E, house AC 40-hp, built-in spindle motors and standard MP linear scale feedback that provides ±0.00006 in. positioning accuracy and ± 0.00003 in. repeatability. MHI Machine Tool U.S.A. Inc., Itasca, Ill.

Two spindles, one lathe
Operators can machine two identical parts on a TTC-10 twin-spindle, 4-horizontal-axis CNC lathe. Independent programs run the right and left spindles separately, or background editing permits programming of one spindle while the other is running. Spindle speeds are 20-2,000 rpm (with an optional 35-3,500 rpm), and rapid traverse in the X and Z axes is 1,181 in./min. Hwacheon Machinery America Inc., Vernon Hills, Ill.

Modular machines are fast and productive
Transcenters are machine tools that combine the versatility of a CNC machining center with the speed and productivity of a transfer machine. A modular design makes changeover simple and inexpensive, while multiple machining stations increase throughput. Built on a standard base and to customer specifications, the machines can carry as many as eight stations with tools mounted horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Stations are primarily for metalcutting, but one or more stations can be designed for parts assembly, metalforming, or in-process gaging. Giuliani USA, Congers, N.Y.

Machine showcases new cutting technique
Trochoid pocket machining on a JE60 horizontal spindle machining center removes material fast, increases tool life, eliminates chatter, and provides clearance to avoid recutting chips. The machining technique is based on a software-generated toolpath wherein the tool describes circles, of changing size, as it travels along the programmed path. Enshu (USA) Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Machines grow to meet customer needs
A generation of machining centers, called Futura, are built-up on one common platform featuring polymer concrete bases, three-axis units, tool changers, and chip conveyors. A main assembly is then expanded on a user-specific basis by adding standardized individual components such as tables, work spindles, and control systems. Mikron Corp., Monroe, Conn.

Milling processes cut benchwork
Polishing is nearly eliminated using Flush Fine (FF) and "feed equals pick" (f/P) advanced milling processes on a V55 vertical machining center. FF is a high-speed, high-definition, and low-heat machining process that combines high spindle speeds with precisely controlled, high-pressure coolant or forced air to blast away chips and prevent heat buildup in both workpiece and tool. To create a smooth, more uniform surface, the f/P adjusts feedrate equally to pick rate. Makino, Mason, Ohio.

Vertical chuckers line welcomes new addition
An MVC-18 single-spindle machine joins an existing line of CNC vertical chuckers. Its standard features include an absolute position encoder, AC slide drives, automatic door operation, and a 25-in-diameter maximum swing. The machines are also either left or right-hand configured. Motch Corp., Cleveland.

VMC boasts affordability
Intended to compete with medium-size machines, a VMC600 CNC vertical machining center provides economical milling, drilling, and tapping. Standard features include a 15-hp (8,000-rpm) spindle drive and a 1,181-ipm traverse rate for all axes. The X-axis travel measures 23.6 in., Y 16 in., and Z 20 in. Hardinge Inc., Elmira, N.Y.

Machine slashes non-cutting time
A 1,575-ipm rapid rate, a twosec tool change time, and eight-sec pallet changing reduce noncutting time on a HM80S HMC. The 800-mm pallet machine combines a 50-taper, 13,000-rpm (40-hp) spindle with a 787-ipm feed-rate for both power and speed. With a 2,640-lb maximum loadable weight, the machine's pallet travels 39.4 in. in the X, 33.5 in. in the Y, and 32.3 in. in the Z. OKK USA Corp., Glendale Heights, Ill.

Machines travel on square ways
Both a 2025 and 2033 VMC come with a 15-hp, 6,000-rpm spindle motor and square guide-ways on all three axes. Rapid traverse rate for the X and Y axes is 590 ipm and 472 ipm in the Z axis. Both machines offer a 20-station tool changer (24-station optional) and optional spindle speeds of 8,000 and 12,000 rpm. Chevalier Machinery Inc., Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

A VMC midsize model
A large work envelope equips a Max-6 VMC for midsize machining. Measuring 47 3 23 in., the worktable travels 43 in. in X, 23 in. in Y, and 24 in. in Z. Over 20 hp and 500 ft/lb torque at 209 rpm handle the tough cuts, while two chip augurs, a chip-disposal system, and a 24-tool dual-arm-type ATC all complete the machining package. YCI Inc., Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

High-speed horizontal machining center
The XHC 241 high-speed machining center can be equipped with either of two long-life spindles: one for machining aluminum at 24,000 rpm, the other for machining aluminum or gray cast iron at 16,000 rpm.

The machine comes standard with linear-motor drives. Maximum traverse rates of 120 m/min and axis accelerations up to 1.4 g let the unit dramatically reduce chip-to-chippositioning time, as well as cutting time. Gage accuracies are 65 microns at a distance of 15.7 in., as well as surface finishes finer than 2 microns. EXCELL-O Machine Tools Inc., Sterling Heights, Mich.

Company uses two booths
Machining centers will be shown separately from the bed mills, lathes, and knee mills at Milltronics Mfg. Among several new models of mills being introduced in booth 2219, will be a 50 324 in. travel-bed mill and a low-cost, 16-in.-swing teach lathe.

Toolroom products and the machining center line will be in booth 8490. New products include a carbon-cutting milling machine, heavy-duty 50 3 25 in. travel machining center, extensive redesigned enclosures which incorporate chip removal systems, color LED screens, and a new Centurion 6 CNC with high-speed 3D contouring. Milltronics Manufacturing Co., Waconia, Minn.

Twin-spindle machining center
Two 15-hp, 8,000 or 12,000-rpm CAT 40 taper spindles, each with its own 20-station toolchanger, deliver the speed and power for the toughest jobs. Standard centerline distance is 15.75 in. with other distances available as an option. Optional spindles include 20-hp, 8,000, 12,000, or 15,000-rpm spindles as well as motorized spindles to 60,000 rpm. Axis travels are X = 40 in., Y = 22 in., and Z = 22 in. The table has a load capacity of 2,200 lb and easily accommodates a wide range of fourth axes, trunnion tables, and live or driven tailstocks. Boston Digital Corp., Milford, Mass.

Heavy duty Viper VMC
The Viper line of vertical machining centers feature 10 to 30-hp spindle motors and Meehanite castings for heavy duty machining for aircraft profile machining, die-mold contouring, or any other tough machining requirements.

The column, bed, and saddle are oversized, fully-ribbed, and can easily support heavy loads without table deflection. Featuring large induction hardened with Turcite B and precision ground boxways, all axes are reinforced to provide the highest degree of rigidity and stability. Mighty U.S.A. Inc., Torrance, Calif.

New lathe and VMC
The VMC-4024 and the Journeyman T-20/60 lathe will both be introduced at IMTS 98. The vertical machining center is a 39.37 3 23.62 3 25.98 in. machine featuring a 30-hp, CAT 40 spindle. It has a 20-tool ATC and a rapid feedrate of 800 ipm.

The lathe is a 15-hp machine with a three-range, 20-2,400 rpm, gear-driven spindle. The unit has a 19.68-in. swing-over bed, 13.77-in. swing-over cross slide, and a 59-in. distance between centers. It features a Fagor control. Tree Machine Tool Co. Inc., Franklin, Wis.

Multiside machining of small parts
The NAD 4 flexible transfer machine is built to machine extremely accurate, small parts requiring intricate multiside machining out of bar or coil stock. The system is a four-station CNC transfer machine that offers five machining platforms. Each platform can accommodate standard multiple machining unit cassettes for drilling, milling, tapping, and turning.

The platform design allows the user to accommodate 36 working spindles on one machine. Each platform is mounted on multiaxis CNC slides. TPS Inc., Sussex, Wis.

Variety of machine configurations in one place
Doosan Machinery USA is showing a wide variety of systems. Included will be a horizontal machining center, the Doomac 45H, and multiple turning systems— among which will be the Dooturn QL-30H dual side-by-side spindle lathe with gantry loader, the Dooturn 3XTM dual-opposed spindle turning center with driven tool capacity, the Dooturn 2SP-V5 dual-spindle vertical system, and the Dooturn 310 single-spindle slant-bed CNC lathe.

The Doomac 45H horizontal machining center features an AC 30/25 hp spindle motor with a speed range from 120 to 12,000 rpm. Pallets, 17.72 in. in size, can be changed in 6 sec, while any of the 40 tools in the magazine are changed in 1.6 sec. The 45H provides ±0.0002 in. positioning and ±0.00008 in. repeatability. Doosan Machinery USA Inc., Sterling Heights, Mich.


High performance machining
PCC Olofsson's PTH-120 turning machine has a maximum turning diameter of 10 in., rapid traverse rates of 630 ipm for the X axis and 945 ipm for the Z axis, and turret index time of only 0.19 sec/step. The machine maintains repeatability of ±0.00020 in. on both axes. The travels are 7 and 20 in., respectively. PCC Olofsson Corp., Lansing, Mich.

Multispindle screw machine
Davenport Machine will feature a computer-controlled LS522 multispindle screw machine that offers quick changeover, off-line programming, and fast cycle time. The unit features 22-mm stock capacity, and all motion is controlled electronically, eliminating the need for cams. Davenport Machine, Rochester.

Screw machine combines speed and flexibility
Index Corp. will feature the ABC Speedline, which combines the speed of traditional cam-controlled machines with the benefits of CNC-controlled turning machines. Built with a modular concept, the machine has bar capacities of 1 , 1 7 /16, and 2 in., optional drive powers of 10, 13, 17, and 28 hp. The upper turret has up to 8 stations with optional live tools, pick-up spindle, and up to 5-back-working tools. Index Corp., Shelton, Conn.

Lynx turning center
Daewoo's Lynx turning center is a compact 64 3 63 in. machine that combines speed and precision. The machine's cartridge spindle is supported by duplex angular thrust bearings with a double row of cylindrical roller bearings at each end. The roller bearings' large contact surface permits heavy cuts and mirror finishes. A high-torque Fanuc 10 or 12-hp AC-spindle motor provides fast spindle acceleration and up to 126.9 ft/lb of lowend torque with spindle speeds up to 6,000 rpm. Daewoo Machinery Corp., Carlstadt, N.J.

Universal turning center
Rebublic-Lagun CNC Corp. will feature the UTC-2180 universal turning center. The high-torque CNC lathe is suited for both light and heavy metal removal on extra-long shafts or chuck-supported workpieces. A 21-in. swing-over bed and a 13.5-in. swing-over slide add to the machine's capabilities. Feedrates are up to 250 ipm along the X and Z axes, and rapid traverse in the Z axis is 650 ipm. Republic-Lagun CNC Corp., Harbor City, Calif.

Enclosed bar machine
Omniturn will display a GT-75 enclosed bar machine. The machine will be shown in 2 and 3-axis versions. The 2-axis type is used for typical screw machine work and the 3-axis version includes live tooling for spindle positioning, indexing, and combined X, Z, and C-axis moves. C-axis positioning of 0.02° is standard with live-tool options such as cross drills, end drilling, milling, and slotting. Omniturn, Farmington, N.Y.

Automatic CNC multispindle
Schütte MSA will exhibit a multispindle automatic lathe, the S-32PC. The lathe features independent end slides, a three-part Hirth coupling and locking mechanism on the spindle-drum, and a cast-mineral compound base. Schütte MSA, Jackson, Mich.

Swiss-style turning centers
The Cincom L16 and L20 Swiss-style turning centers are controlled by high-precision servomotors. Not just axis movements, but functions such as collet open/close are servo controlled. This eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive sensors and limit switches. Precise interaction between collets and tool posts reduces cycle times as much as 20% over current Cincom L-models. Marubeni Citizen-Cincom, Allendale, N.J.

Turning center equipped for automation
The EMCO Turn 365 turning center is equipped with an integrated gantry loader with flexible pallet system and bar magazine for rapid workpiece loading. The modular machine, which has a fully capable right headstock with full-size chucks, has a bar capacity of 1 3 /4 or 2 1 /2 in. which increases machining flexibility. In addition, the machine has a 12-station tool turret for a maximum of 24 driven or stationary tools. Emco Maier Corp., Columbus, Ohio.

Barfeed turning center
Hitachi Seiki U.S.A. Inc. will feature a HVP CNC turning center and barfeed combination. The package revolves around HiTec Turn 20J or 23J. The HiTec models feature spindle speeds from 0 to 5,000 rpm in less than 2.5 sec. and bidirectional turrets that index face-to-face in just 0.1 sec. Their 2-in. or 2.75-in. bar capacity, 5,000 rpm, and 15.7 or 24.8-in. maximum turning length accommodate most medium sized parts. Hitachi Seiki U.S.A. Inc., Itasca, Ill.

The SAS-16.6 and BS-20.8 are programmable, cam-operated multispindles.The SAS-16.6 is a six-spindle automatic that handles bar diameters up to 16 mm. Spindles rotate up to 8,00 rpm, powered by a 7.5 kW (10-hp) motor. The BS-20.8 is an eight-spindle automatic that accommodates bar diameters up to 21 mm (23 mm optional). Maximum spindle speed is 6,000 rpm, powered by an 11 kW (14.6-hp) motor. Both models feature a Hirth Curvic Coupling and manifold system indexing for improved rigidity and accuracy. Indexing speeds are within 0.25 sec. Tornos Technologies U. S. Corp., Brookfield, Conn.


Electrical discharge machine
Hitachi Digital Graphics will feature the 203F2 EDM, which delivers high-speed non-electrolysis AC machining from rough to fine finish. The machine is compact, requiring less than 58 ft 2 of floor space including maintenance area. Maximum workpiece capacity for the 203F2 is 17.7 X 13.7 X 6.6 in. Table load capacity is 440 lb with travels of 12.5 X 9.8 X 6.6 in. Standard taper angle is 12° with 30° optional, and the standard wire diameter is 0.012 in. with 0.004, 0.006, 0.008, and 0.010 in. optional. Hitachi Digital Graphics (USA) Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill.

EDM technical manual on compact disk
Poco Graphite's EDM Technical Manual on CD permits same-screen comparison of two electrode materials on a common workmetal. Using the compact disk, EDMers can compare expected performance data of two grades of graphite on a selected workmetal using the same machine setup. Metal removal rate, end wear, corner wear, and surface finish data is available for each material. Poco Graphite Inc., Decatur, Tex.

EDM drilling machine
Belmont has developed the Maxicut S-26 EDM drill. This machine has a 50-amp peak power supply, with features such as first spark sensing, programmable retract height, electrode wear compensation, and programmable machining sequence. Operators can drill workpieces up to 900 lb. X, Y travel is 12 X 10 in., and workpiece heights go to 11 1 /2 in. Belmont Technologies, Madison Heights, Mich.

Mid-sized wire EDM
Hansvedt Inc. will feature the DS-30 mid-sized, wire EDM with 5-axes of control. The DS-30 has 4-axis, independent motion control with a programmable Z-axis. The controller displays the cut graphics on a 14-in. color monitor. Macro programming, linear and circular interpolation, shift and/or rotation of the coordinate system, mirroring, and scaling are a few of the functions on this controller. The machine has dimensions of 35.4 X 25.6 X 10 in. and a workpiece capacity of 1,200 lb. Hansvedt Industries Inc., Elmira, N.Y.

CNC wire EDM
The A325 CNC wire EDM has travels of 10 X 14 in. in X-Y, 8 in. in Z, and 3.15 X 3.15 in. in U-V. The A325 accommodates a workpiece weighing up to 1,000 lb with a table driver X-axis and Y-axis movement that's incorporated into the column. For improved speed and finish, the A325 incorporates Sodick's new EF4 circuit as standard equipment—which is an anti-electrolysis circuit as well as a fine circuit. This allows the machine to go down to an 8 rms surface finish. Sodick Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Robotic welding/cutting workcell
Genesis Systems Group features the Vera-System 2G, a flexible two-station robotic welding/ cutting workcell. The 2G is flexible enough to accommodate various part designs without increasing system costs. The two-station design is ideal for welding multiple part numbers simultaneously, making it suited to the jobshop environment. The Versa-System will feature a Fanuc 100I robot. Genesis Systems Group, Davenport, Iowa.

High-speed laser processing center
LVD Corp. will feature the Axel Laser Processing Center. The laser center incorporates flying optics with beam-length compensation to allow fast, accurate cutting in sheetmetal or plate irrespective of cutting-head position. The Axel is available in 4 X 8 ft and 5 X 10 ft material sizes, offers choices of 1,500, 2,000, or 3,000 W laser power and may be configured with a variety of options for specific requirements. The LVD Corp., Belmont N.C.

Rotary indexers
Rotary Indexers are the newest in a series of fixtures in the Gaiser line of wire EDM tooling products. These fixtures allow the rotating of round parts to 24 set positions at 15° increments. They also can be set to any angle and locked in place. The two new indexers are made of stainless steel, which allows the fixture to be put in the EDM tank. The high-precision Indexer (less than 0.0001-in. TIR) comes with a set of nickel-plated collets that range in size to accommodate shanks from 1 /16 in. up to 1 /2 in.-diameter. The Economy Rotary Indexer (0.0005 in. TIR) holds any standard 5C collet and comes with a 20-mm collet. Gaiser Tool Co., Ventura, Calif.

Machining large workpieces
The Roboform 50/51 die-sinker series, with a large 2-ft X travel, has increased EDM versatility when machining large workpieces. Expanded XYZ travels of 25.0 X 15.7 X 17.7 in. give this die-sinker series 16% larger travels. In addition, the series has a large table (29.5 X 19.7 in.) and is able to accommodate workpieces up to 1.6 tons — all within a compact footprint of 61.4 X 78.7 X 14.2 in. Charmilles Technologies Corp., Lincolnshire, Ill.

Automated EDM
Combining a VX10 diesinking EDM with a Workman Robot from System 3R can provide up to 125 hours or more of burntime per week. The robot can change as many as 72 workpieces and 72 electrodes completely unattended while the EDM's FuzzyPro fuzzy logic, a 32-bit microprocessor, analyzes sensor data and adjusts the machinery automatically. The internal dimensions of the VX10 worktank are 30.32 X 24.02 3 12.21 in. Its table is 27.56 X 19.69 in., and it can handle workpieces weighing as much as 1,325 lb and electrodes weighing as much as 166 lb. The machining range on the X, Y, Z-axes is 13.78 X 9.84 X 13.78 in. MC Machinery Systems Inc./Mitsubishi EDM, Wood Dale, Ill.

Low-maintenance CO2 laser
Rofin-Sinar exhibits its RS 880 HF high-frequency, low-maintenance CO2 laser; the diffusion-cooled DC 025 CO2 laser rated to 2.5-kW output; the 2.0-kW ultra-compact DL 020 diode laser; and the sealed-tube Scx20 200-W CO2 laser. RS 880 is designed to weld and surface-treat—its dielectric-coated electrodes and high-frequency power source minimize maintenance requirements. The controller is PC-compatible with a Windows-based operating system. DC 025 cuts and welds—resonator design features correcting optics and a waveguide structure to generate the optimum Gaussian beam for these applications. Its diffusion-cooled design eliminates the need for complex gascirculation and cooling systems, resulting in a very compact laser head and reduced maintenance. Rofin Sinar Inc., Plymouth, Mich.

Flying-optics laser-beam-cutting machine
Strippit unveils its Titan flyingoptics laser-beam-cutting machine coupled with a PC-based control. A cantilever arm design allows access to the work area from three sides. An industry first is the machine's servo-driven focal axis for independent and programmable positioning of the focal point into the workpiece. This feature allows cutting of any type and thickness of material and a change from one material to another without manual adjustment. Maximum sheet size is 49 3 98 in., and laser power is 2.2 kW. Strippit Inc., Akron, N.Y.

Cut flat and preformed parts
Mazak has added 3D capability to its 2D laser-cutting system, the Space Gear 48, to cut flat and preformed parts. It has a pivot-beam machine design and 64-bit NC. Simultaneous control of six axes, requiring only three program lines, enables easy programming to cut draft angles for mating pipes. Laser power to 2,000 W handles workpieces to 5/8 in. thick. The cutting table is 4 3 8 feet, with a Z axis of 11.8 in.

Also on display: Sheetmetal Laser FMS material storage, retrieval, and unloading setup; and the Supercharged cutting machine equipped with a new 2.5-kW resonator that Mazak promises can do the work of a 3-kW laser— cuts up to 3/4-inch mild steel. Mazak Laser, Florence, Ky.

Nd-YAG fiberoptic system
Pulsed Nd:YAG laser beams readily travel through flexible fiberoptic cable to precisely cut, drill, and weld. Lasag introduces its SLS 200 pulsed Nd-YAG fiberoptic system rated 50-250 W. Outfit it with up to four fiber outputs for time sharing. Lasag Corp., Arlington Heights, Ill.

Fast and precise hole piercing
Mitsubishi Laser Division introduces Model 3015LXP, a high-speed automatic-shuttle production laser-beam-cutting setup that simultaneously holds two 5310-foot workpieces, each weighing up to 1,250 lb. CO2 laser rated 3,000 W; speed to 3,340 in./min. Digital power control results in fast and precise hole piercing. Rectangular pulsing enables cutting of sharp corners and small holes with uniform geometry.

Also on display: Model MSC automated material-handling system for sheetmetal loading and unloading, with six-station material-storage tower, vacuum sheet loader, and fork unloader, retrofittable on all LXP Series machines. MC Machinery Systems Inc., Mitsubishi Laser Division, Wood Dale, Ill.

Laser workstation
Offered as a low-cost alternative for laser processing, the SL6200 workstation from Laser Machining features user-friendly PC Windows software and on-board laser-processing database for steel, aluminum, other materials. Table size is 50 3 50 in. Laser Machining Inc., Somerset, Wis.


Five-axis CNC tool grinding machine
A CNC 2005 computer numerical controlled tool grinding machine is designed to automatically produce solid-carbide router bits and drills, grinding burs, end mills, drill bits, and more. This compact device grinds complex part geometries in a variety of small diameters. It has a small footprint — 68 X 52 X 66 1 /2 in. — and features five separate axes plus a three-axis robot to pick and place blanks. Advantages include tight tolerances for increased grinding accuracy, fast feedrates, and fast cycle times. The system has four basic blocks: a grinding chamber, robot workspindle, and computer-controlled toolpath area. Cutting Edge Technologies, Bridgewater Corners, Vt.

Tool grinding machines and software
A range of tool grinding machines and software, called X-Class, includes the TGX tool manufacturing center, the RGX grinding and regrinding machine, and the PGX punch grinder. The TGX runs unmanned and manufactures and resharpens tools ranging from 0.08 to 13.8 in. in diameter. It features the Anca 3DX CNC, a digital drive system, and automatic wheel dressing. Anca Inc., Farmington Hills, Mich.

Grinder dominates the field
Dominators are dual-role, reciprocating/creepfeed grinders with surface, profile, and creep-feed capabilities. The machines reciprocate the wheelhead rather than the table, making them more compact than comparable systems. The only table movement is in the Y axis. The Dominator 624 will be on display at IMTS. It has a maximum grinding length of 24 38 in. and a wheel-to-table clearance of 16.5 in. Maximum wheel size is 10 in. A 634 model is also available. Jones & Shipman Inc., Meriden, Conn.

Superabrasive machine
Employing high feedrates and rpm, the Edgetek Superabrasive Machining System (SAM) uses preformed steel-core wheels to provide a finish that approaches that of grinding, but with the stock removal and flexibility of a milling machine. It comes in 3, 4, and 5 axes and uses a GE Fanuc 16M CNC. Edgetek Machine Corp., Meriden, Conn.

CO2 laser sources
PRC Laser has developed CO2 laser sources that pack a punch but don't take up much floor-space. For example, its new 1,000-W laser boasts a footprint of a slight 14 ft 2 . Also on display: a mid-range STS 3,500-W laser and a brand new 6,000-W model. Fabricators can take the beams from these sources and cut, weld, and clad. PRC Laser, Landing, N.J.

CNC grinding machine
A 2020 UGG Universal grinder features grinding spindles mounted vertically in the machine base, improving rigidity and support for accurate tool grinding. For heavy cuts, spindles measure up to 120 mm in diameter. This lets operators grind tools with a minimum number of cuts to dramatically reduce cycle times. An automatic cassette-loading system can be added for production runs, and an in-process CNC dresser provides hours of uninterrupted, unattended operation. International Tool Machines of Florida Inc., Palm Coast, Fla.

Surface grinder
The EZSURF II surface grinder offers a large 12 X 24-in. work area and a 12-in. standard grinding wheel to accommodate large dies and molds. Designed as a "step-up" to full CNC operation, EZSURF II features an easy-to-use, PC-based control for simple operation. An operator inputs finished part dimensions at the simple menu prompts. Software calculates the machine movements necessary to create the finished part.

The control provides automatic grinding of tapers and radii, as well as canned cycles for wheel dressing and grinding operations, to increase productivity, simplify operations, and reduce human error and scrap. Traverse rates are 100 ipm on the Y axis and cross feed Z axis. Axis travels are ballscrew-driven by dc digital servo drives. Bridgeport Machines Inc., Bridgeport, Conn.

CNC internal grinder line introduced
GTI Technologies Inc. will be introducing and selling the Toyo Advanced Technologies Co. line of CNC internal grinders at IMTS 98. Several features and benefits of the line include size tolerances held to within 0.00012 in. and roundness and cylindricity within 0.00004 in. in bores as small as 0.060 in.

The wheelhead slide system provides a linear accuracy of 0.3 microns. Slide system features include anti-friction needle bearings and flat roller bearings with M and V ways with a flat-cage guidance system. GTI Technologies Inc., Shelton, Conn.


Six spindle bore finishing machine
Engis will feature a six-spindle system with a servo-fed column, pneumatic counterbalance design for extended ballscrew life, as well as a hydraulic indexable table. The system incorporates Allen Bradley CNC programmable controls, and reciprocation or peck motion is included. Additional capabilities include size control within one micron, bore geometry to better than one-half micron, surface finishes to meet almost any specification, and cycle times as short as 4 sec, depending on the application. Engis Corp., Wheeling, Ill.

Microhole drilling machine
Raycon, a TransTec Advanced Machines Company and part of TransTec plc, is featuring the Novagen EDM 4-head drilling center. The latest in the Raycon family of microhole drilling machines, it is capable of precision drilling microholes in a wide variety of injectors. It offers up to 25% faster drilling than previous machines and is capable of machining holes of 0.1-mm diameter up to 1-mm deep. TransTec, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Vertical boring and turning mill
Toshiba Machine's vertical boring and turning mill, TUF-10 (APC) ensures high machine performance at an affordable price. The VTL is used for high productivity applications such as aerospace engine parts, electric motors, pumps, bearings and more. The TUF-10 features preloaded rigid anti-friction roller packs for the X and Z-axis, a table-drive motor of 60/50 hp, a cast iron column and bed for thermal rigidity, and an easily accessible operation panel. Toshiba's boring and turning mill is available with a standard table diameter of 39.4 in., maximum swing of 47.2 in., and a table speed of 2 to 500 rpm. Toshiba Machine Co., Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Fast holemaking equipment
Hougen's full line portableholemaking equipment and tools designed for fabrication and maintenance procedures will be featured at IMTS 98. Included are the patented Rotabroach annular cutting tools for fast-hole production whether in portable equipment, stationary machine tools, or portable-magnetic drills. Nine models of the drills have capacities from 7 /16 to 3 1 /16 in. diameter through materials up to 3-in. thick. Hougen Manufacturing Inc., Flint, Mich.


Tin-zinc alloy

Esab Welding & Cutting Products will feature an All-State 390 Solder, a tin-zinc alloy for joining aluminum to aluminum or aluminum to copper. This alloy is used in torch, furnace, and induction applications and is corrosion resistant. This product has a tensile strength of up to 8,000 psi and solidus and liquidus of 390 F°. It matches the color of aluminum.

The alloy is sold in a1 /16 in. X 1 lb spool or 1 /8 X 18 in. cut length. Esab Welding & Cutting Products, Florence, S.C.

Enhanced arc control
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. and ITW Welding Automation will exhibit welding products that feature an enhanced arc control for increased manufacturing efficiency and ease-of-use. The RDS-1400 Robotic Docking System is powered by the Autovision Invision DC inverter power source. It comes with an ITW Welding Automation robot, mounting skid, welding interface, wirefeeder, and a cooling system. Stationary and index tables can be added through a docking port on three sides of the station. The power source features Sharp Start, which controls the shape of the wire at the arc stop. This provides a consistent condition for starting the arc on every weld. Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, Wis.

Robotic welding system
Lincoln Electric Co. will showcase the PowerWave 450 waveform controlled power source featuring direct seamless integration with a robotic controller. The power source has the ability to select or program the optimum output waveform and then modify the waveform to adapt to weld puddle dynamics. All this is done within one millionth of a second, reducing spatter, designing weld bead profiles, controlling heat input, and maximizing travel speeds. Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, Ohio.


Plate saw for large jobs
At the DoAll booth is a plate saw for large workpieces and ingots. It drives a 2 5 /8-in. bandsaw blade to deliver fast, precise cuts in tough alloys of titanium, tool steel, and Inconel. The machine places the extra-wide blade under 39,000 psi tension for optimum strength. Band speed peaks at 360 ft/min. A built-in automatic back-gage assembly and laser-line marker ensure accuracy. The model on display boasts a 60-in. throat, 18-in. height capacity, and takes on workpieces weighing up to 40,000 lb along its 20-ft table. DoAll, Des Plaines, Ill.

Press and plasma machine all-in-one
Punch holes and plasma-arccut profiles in plate to 1.25-in. thick with the Model FPB 1500/3 CNC machine. The machine combines a 177-ton hydraulic press and a Hypertherm plasma unit. It includes a powerful material nesting and optimization software package. Peddinghaus Corp., Bradley, Ill.

Network your machine
The new GE Fanuc 160I control becomes standard on punch-plasma fabricating-center Models 3500 ATC, 3700 ATC, and 661 ATC. The complete Windows NT operating system enables users to create MRP and labor reports, integrate shop-floor control with maintenance functions, and access remote diagnostics to minimize downtime. Also on display: a comprehensive line of ironworker tooling constructed of shock-resistant long-life tool steel. W. A. Whitney, Rockford, Ill.

Punches, press brakes, and more
CNC punching, press brakes, laser-cutting machines, OEM lasers, and portable power tools all reside at the Trumpf Inc. booth. Renowned for its speed is the TC 2000R punch press. In one setup, the TLC 1005 laser-processing machine can cut, weld, and surface-treat. The Power Tool division introduces the S-450 Shear that features an adjustable cutter and top handle, and the C-160 Double-Cut Shear. Trumpf Inc., Farmington, Conn.

Automatic die spotting press
Automatic die spotting press has a 180 degree reversing bolster that minimizes operator intervention. In a six-step process, the press safely maneuvers the reversing bolster to a desired angle and can easily repeat functions once they have been entered into the system. The side-frame construction on the press offers improved accuracy and repeatability. The presses also offer greater one-digit closer repeatability compared to four-post-type die spotting presses. Gomiya U.S.A. Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill.

High-speed blanking
The Series PM3 press is a two-point, eccentric shaft, dynamically balanced, progressive-die straight-side press. The press provides consistent accuracy in automated high-speed blanking operations in the 75 to 300-ton range.

Expensive lamination dies last longer in a PM3 because its massive frame, full eccentric shaft with six main bearings, along with heavy steel connections and wrist pins, combine to provide a machine that is more stable at high lamination speeds. Accuracy is further enhanced by an exclusive hydrostatic/hydrodynamic bearing design. The press features an 84-in. bed width to facilitate the longer tooling required for in-die lamination staking operations.

Other features include motorized slide adjustment, hydraulic supported screw threads, a deep slide with long gib guiding, quick lift, and consistent bottom-dead-center repeatability. The Minster Machine Co., Minster, Ohio.

Integrated press operation monitoring
The Direct Acting Press family consists of three presses which cover a capacity range from 150 to 7,000 lb/force. The Hydro-Pneumatic Press models also consist of three presses which handle a capacity range from 1,000 to 22,000 lb/force. All presses are manufactured under ISO 9001 manufacturing guidelines and meet CE operational and safety standards. SCHMIDT Feintechnik Corp., Cranberry Twp., Pa.

Robotic bending cell
The Astro 100 bending cell features an enhanced automation software package, MX-WINdows, refined back-gage sensing, and improved PC functions within the CNC control for networking with a server. It is centered around the speed and accuracy of the FBD III press brake, which is integrated with two CNC-controlled robots. One robot replaces the human operator by automatically handling part-bending at the brake. The second robot loads material in and out of the cell from a storage or transport device and hands off material and parts to and from the bending robot. Since all operations are fully automated under PC and CNC control, the Astro cell delivers consistent, repeatable accuracy over a complete part run, regardless of bending complexity.

A capability of the Astro 100 not previously seen in automated bending systems is its ability to robotically process parts that have undergone previous bending or insertions (3D parts). Until now, press-brake automation systems could only handle flat, 2D material. Amada America Inc., Buena Park, Calif.

Punching/forming presses
MC machines have the radial layout of existing RM/GRM machines and will accept tools built for RM/GRM machines without modification. They also have a second tool face that is laid out in a linear style. Between these two faces is a large aperture through which central mandrills on extra strips can be fed.

The range of press stations is from seven to 70 tons, and slides range from four to 12 tons depending on the size of the machine. Each machine has up to five material feeds mounted, plus various presses and slides, with add-on units such as welding, tapping, screw, or rivet insertion and assembly. Bihler of America Inc., North Branch, N.J.

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