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Solid Carbide Drills for HRSA

Solid Carbide Drills for HRSA

Sandvik Coromant ( said its new CoroDrill Delta-C R846 is a solid carbide drill that provides increased accuracy, extended tool life and improved productivity in machining heat resistant super alloys, especially in aerospace and industrial gas turbine applications.

The drills are available in diameters that range from 3 mm to 12 mm (0.118 in. to 0.472 in.) and handle maximum hole depths of up to five times the tool’s diameter.

The Delta-C drills feature positivetip geometry that maintains a consistent curve along the cutting edge to distribute cutting forces throughout the body, resulting in longer tool life and minimal deflection and burr formation. The tool also has added strength on its outer diameter corners, where cutting forces are strongest in demanding applications.

The deep flute design of the Delta- C’s body optimizes chip removal, ensuring quick evacuation from the cutting zone. By operating free from obstruction, the tool retains the closest possible tolerance and produces high surface finishes.

To counter tool wear, the Delta-C R846 uses a bronze PVD coating. The coating’s layered structure protects the substrate and offers increased toughness and wear resistance. This is valuable in materials such as Inconel and other Ni-based alloys.

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