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Rotary Table for the Oil Patch

Rotary Table for the Oil Patch

Rotary table

The CNCB450 rotary table from Lyndex-Nikken (, has an 8-in. (205-mm) bore and powerful clamping system. This newest addition to the company’s rotary table product line is designed for large diameter bar work and oil patch applications.

Nikken rotary tables are designed with a carbide worm screw and an ion nitrided worm wheel, rather than a conventional bronze or bronze alloy actuation mechanism. This design results in reduced friction and wear by up to eight times.

The worm screw consists of a less brittle V-grade form of carbide, while the worm gear is ion nitrided to a depth of 0.1 mm and an external surface hardness of 68 Rc. These properties, as well as a steel way hardened to 58 to 60 Rc, enhance system rigidity and longevity making the rotary tables good for high-speed, high-accuracy rotation.

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