Long/short-stroke grippers

Long/short-stroke grippers

The DPD series double-wedge parallel gripper from Robohand, a De-Sta-Co company (www.destaco.com), has Directconnect technology with mounting patterns allowing the grippers to mount directly to other modular automation products without adapter plates.

The grippers are available in 12 sizes covering strokes ranging from 0.0625 in. to 2 in. and exert grip forces ranging from 12 lb. to 400 lb. Two versions are available: DPDL for long strokes and DPDS for short strokes.

The DPD series dynamic components are hardened for wear resistance and are selflubricating and sealed. Jaw components are precision ground for minimal jaw play and one-piece aircraft-quality aluminum bodies are hard-coat anodized and Teflon impregnated. Jaws are supported throughout the length of the body for long finger lengths. Fingers attach to the jaws with screws and locate on the bottom or sides of jaws by keying or dowel pins. The grippers have standard purge/scavenge ports suited to harsh or clean-room environments.

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