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Updated Job-Cost Estimating Software

Version 2.0 of BobCOST software has been released, allowing users of the BobCAD-CAM suite to develop accurate and ready-to-deliver quotes easily.

BobCAD-CAM, which calls itself “the world leader in affordable CADCAM software,” offers programming for milling and profiling, lathes and turning, wire EDM, and art conversion and nesting jobs.

Free demos of all the company’s programs are available for download.

BobCOST is the latest addition to the portfolio. It was developed in partnership with Micro Estimating Systems Inc.

BobCOST features an intuitive software interface that calculates all manufacturing costs for most CAD/CAM products, and it contains libraries for materials, machine tools, contacts, labor, currency and inter-departmental databases, among others. Formulas and built-in calculators are included to make quoting simple and fast.

“Shops quoting jobs by hand will immediately reap benefits from switching to BobCOST,” stated BobCADCAM’s executive director Larry Pendleton, “and the many shops using homemade Excel-based solutions will see improvements in quoting efficiency from the first quote they generate.”

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