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New ShopMill, ShopTurn Software for Job Shops

Siemens Energy and Automation Inc. is set to introduce new versions of its ShopMill and ShopTurn software packages, promising higher productivity and simplicity, and greater speed. Step-by-step, on-screen programming allows job shops to respond quickly to customer demands by reducing programming, tooling, and production times.

Together with the new SINUMERIK 802D solution line CNC, job shops are given the edge over the competition. The 802D is a single, operator panel-based control system that combines the numerical control (NC), the programmable logic controller (PLC), and the human machine interface (HMI.)

ShopMill and ShopTurn use compact flash (CF) cards for storage, transmission, and processing of part programs. Profinet and Profibus protocols are used for machine tool communication.

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