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New, Multi-Axis Cam Solution

New, Multi-Axis Cam Solution

Multi-Axis Cam

Vero Software Plc, a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the tooling industry, has announced the imminent release of Machining Strategist v11. A powerful multi-axis CAM solution that generates optimum roughing and finishing CNC toolpaths for both the office and shopfloor environment. Machining Strategist is a CAD independent solution and can work with data from all major 3D modeling systems. Within the latest release, support for VISI 17 has been included, and the external interfaces have been aligned to Parasolid v21 and Catia v5 r19.

The developer explains that toolpath calculation times have been enhanced significantly, which will result in productivity gains for users: “Benchmark tests have produced time saving results of over 80% reductions in calculation time for combined waterline, 30% reduction for rest machining and over 15% reduction for raster clearance,” according to Vero.

This release brings new geometry tools for model re-triangulation that allow users to set different meshing tolerances to different faces. This makes it possible to set tighter tolerances for critical zones or smaller areas, to machine without notable impact on the rest of the model geometry.

“With the continual adoption of High Speed Machining (HSM) within the mold-and-die arena, our latest developments have been driven by customers to ensure we remain at the technological forefront of CAM development,” explained Vero R&D director Gerard O’Driscoll.

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