New CNC Release Speed and Simplifies Programming

New CNC Release Speed and Simplifies Programming

Geometric releases CAMWorks 2012

CAMWorks 2012
CAMWorks 2012 is a new version of the CNC that now offers better feature-recognition performance and improvements.
Geometric has released CAMWorks 2012, a solids-based CNC program that supports SolidWorks 2012 and delivers improvements that make possible faster and easier programming. The developer added that the new release produces “more efficient toolpaths for improved machining productivity.”

Geometric’s PLM technologies allow manufacturers to formulate and implement global engineering and manufacturing strategies that make product development more efficient. CAMWorks is a computer-aided manufacturing program designed to operate in SolidWorks.

Along with the established benefits of the program and its support for SolidWorks 2012, Geometric said the new release offers feature-recognition performance and improvements; Version 4.0 of VoluMill, with the new non-concentric milling technology that reduces cutting-tool loads and evacuates chips more efficiently; significant time reduction while saving files with large number of toolpath moves; an ability to add new tools into the TechDB from within CAMWorks; shaded display of “Contain” and “Avoid” areas; and turning roughing operations that now support user-identified inserts.

“We constantly strive to meet the requirements and changing needs of our users, while also ensuring they benefit from the latest technology advancements for machining,” explained Bruce Wiener, director of R&D for CAMWorks “Providing them with the newest version support for SolidWorks, reinstates our commitment toward always making CAMWorks ready to be paired with the latest upgrade in their design CAD package.”

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