Multimedia HMI

Multimedia HMI

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

The GT16 Series, a new top-of-the-line multimedia human machine interface (HMI) from Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc., adds a new dimension of visualization and operation to the company’s GOT1000 family of HMIs. The GT16 combines a host of video and sound capabilities with embedded communications interfaces to provide a one-of-a-kind multimedia platform.

As a multimedia HMI, the GT16 can transform applications from still images to motion images with a video capture and store feature, a monitor display/RGB input, and a sound output interface. This multimedia functionality contributes to faster resolution of maintenance issues, improves operator understanding of machines and processes and ultimately helps to ensure higher overall throughput.

A key feature on these new HMI devices is the real-time video playback and record function that allows personnel to play G16 recordings or MPEG4 files from the terminal. The devices can also record machine/process events up to 120 seconds before and after a condition being monitored.

The GT16 series is a fourth-generation Mitsubishi Electric Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT) HMI platform. The GOT series is based on open systems and commercial off-the-shelf technologies, which enables companies to meet increasing demands for high performance, ease of use, and lowest-total-cost automation systems.

In anticipation of the increase for vision capabilities in automation platforms, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has integrated Cognex In-Sight machine vision into its iQ platform to significantly shorten the time and lower the cost of applying vision systems. This makes vision systems more practical to apply in a host of industries.

The Mitsubishi Electric-Cognex solution offers manufacturers a standard set of integratable products, rather than an untested set of components patched together to perform a specific function. They provide easy accessibility to all useful features and functions of logic, motion, HMI, vision, and robotic domains in a manner such that each task is a part of a single system.

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