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Microsoft Excel Tips

• To create an NC path, use single-column arrays for the data and calculations.
• Creating a series of numbers:
• Click in the first cell of the series.
• Enter the first number of the series. For example: -12.1.
• Press Enter.
• Enter the next number in the series. For example: -12.
• Select both cells.
• Click on the fill handle (the small black square in the lower-right corner).
• Drag the fill handle to the last cell of the series. You will see the current number of the series in a small pop-up window.
• Release the mouse button and the column will be filled.

For a quick way to select an array:
• Click in the first cell of an array. For example: A2.
• Press F8.
• Press CNTRL+G/.
• Enter the number for the last cell in the array. For example: A344.
• Press Enter.
• The array will now be highlighted, so you can enter a formula.

To enter formulas:
• Select an array to be filled.
• Press = to start the formula.
• Enter your formula. If you are calculating results from a column of numbers, you may select arrays of data. For example: =SIN(A$2:A$344)*18.
• Press CNTRL+Shift+Enter.
• The column will be filled with calculations for each value of column A.

If you have trouble remembering trig laws, try a mnemonic

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