High-Speed and Better Rendering in 3D CAD

High-Speed and Better Rendering in 3D CAD


Dassault Systmes SolidWorks Corp. (www.solidworks.com) said the newest version of its 3D CAD software, has a speed increase of as much as 65 percent over its previous version.

Solidworks said there is no 3D CAD software faster or easier to use than its SolidWorks 2009 Premium package. The program is designed to help users to transform ideas into 3D models that are ready for manufacturing.

The company said the new software reflects an intensive R&D effort focused on performance.

SolidWorks said it studied and tested customer workflows to ensure that it was improving the overall design process — not just specific functions and tasks.

SolidWorks 2009 includes a new approach to large assembly handling — SpeedPak — that is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of computer memory needed while maintaining full graphic detail and associativity. The release includes a new simulation advisor to help users to analyze designs for hidden flaws and to guide them through every stage of a simulation. Also included are drawing enhancements that are meant to provide benefits to users whose final output is a manufacturing drawing.

“With SolidWorks 2009, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in assembly and drawing performance, especially when working with large assemblies,” Mike Baljak, SolidWorks CAD administrator at ATS Automation Tooling Systems, said.

“Given that the point of software solutions is to automate tasks and the point of automation is to make common tasks happen faster, then a significant increase in performance will deeply benefit every designer and engineer” John MacKrell, senior analyst at CIMdata, said.

The new version of the software also includes PhotoView 360, a feature based on SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology. It is a highly interactive rendering tool that offers a simplified interface for applying realistic materials to SolidWorks models and rendering images of photorealistic quality.

The software also presents a series of environments that include studio lighting setups and backgrounds.

Materials can be applied at the assembly, part, or even individual face level for maximum control.

“PhotoView 360 is an intuitive tool for deciding how different parts of a 3D model should look in the real world and getting a usable image,” Brad Peebler, president of Luxology LLC, developer of the rendering engine, said. “Our primary goal in developing PhotoView 360 was to allow customers to get to a great looking image with minimum effort and expertise,” Austin O’Malley, chief technology officer at SolidWorks, said.

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