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Expanded CAD-Integrated Reverse Engineering, Measurement and Inspection

Expanded CAD-Integrated Reverse Engineering, Measurement and Inspection

Expanded CAD

ReverseEngineering. com, providers of CAD integrated reverse engineering software for measurement, inspection, 3D digitizing, and scanning physical objects has become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with SolidWorks Corp., the maker of SolidWorks 3D CAD software.

SolidWorks parts, assemblies, drawings or any combination are offered with SolidWorks mechanical CAD software bundled as a value-add premium product option within ReverseEngineering. coms’ family of reverse engineering and measurement software suites.

Providing a comprehensive bundled solution, ReverseEnginering. com’s technology is accessed from within the SolidWorks user interface and is compatible with both laser and touch probe CMMs. The companies said the premium bundle is especially useful to develop inspection and measurement data for design purposes.

“Our agreement with SolidWorks brings a cost-effective, highperformance choice of CAD modeling features into our already diverse menu of choices,” Christian Moore, director, ReverseEngineering. com, said.

The relationship with SolidWorks enables ReverseEnginering. com to provide a more competitive product and accelerate its time to market, Moore added.

“Combining SolidWorks with the ReverseEngineering. com family of reverse engineering and inspection products allows engineers to get their jobs done faster by seamlessly reverse engineering and inspecting directly into the SolidWorks modeling engine.

“Companies will experience faster return on investment by keeping their engineers in the SolidWorks environment, bypassing the loss of data from IGES translation. Directly scanning into SolidWorks allows the engineer to create truly native complex surface and solid models in real time,” Earl Hasz, OEM technical manager from SolidWorks, said.

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