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Charting New Paths for More Consistency

Charting New Paths for More Consistency

Introducing Dynamic Machining; plus, part modeling and EDM programming functions get streamlined.

CNC Software
According to CNC Software, its new cutting motion works equally well with “closed” and “open” parts, creating efficient entry methods and customizable entry speeds and feeds.

Mastercam X4, a new release from CNC Software, introduces a cutting motion called Dynamic Machining that the developer said adapts toolpaths to create more consistent processing, constantly.

This new motion is said to work equally well with “closed” and “open” parts, creating efficient entry methods and customizable entry speeds and feeds.

CNC Software emphasized that the new technique allows shops to use the entire tool flute length, increasing machine flexibility and saving production time and cost. Also, Dynamic Machining is designed to take a full depth cut, so the need for multiple depth cuts may be eliminated in many instances.

Another aspect of this development is flexibility in tool retraction, to keep the tool down in smaller components and to allow rapid retraction on larger parts.

There also is a “micro lift” option that allows slight retraction off the bottom when moving to the next cut, decreasing the level of heat in the part and aiding chip evacuation.

Recently, CNC Software also introduced a new part-modeling and EDM programming software, Mastercam X4 Wire. For modeling parts, each geometric piece is “live” so programmers can modify them quickly to achieve a desired shape.

For programming, X4 Wire has streamlined features for 2- and 4-axis machining, including 2-axis contouring (with or without taper angle), nocore cutting, and straight and tapered cutting (with or without land) from either direction.

More new program features include contouring for multiple parts using a single window selection; automatic wirepath corner filleting; and an ability to create lead-ins and leadouts with optional lead trimming. Programmers can create tabs automatically with user-definable stop types. There is also an optional No Drop Out tab.

CNC Software says Mastercam X4 Wire creates new efficiencies that will reduce programmer interaction and increase machining flexibility.

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