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Anyone need 5-axis inspection?

Anyone need 5-axis inspection?

5-axis inspection

Delcam Plc’s PowerINSPECT software now supports 5-axis on-machine and stand-alone inspection.

The latest release includes support for 5-axis scanning with Renishaw’s REVO probe. The new release also includes the ability to use multiple alignments within parts or assemblies, enhanced Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) data usage and improved CMM connectivity.

The new ability to use multiple alignments within a single part will allow independent verification of distinct areas within the component. Multiple alignments also can be useful in checking assembly of parts.

The GDT capability of the software has been expanded to include symmetry, surface profile and run-out in addition to the previously available true position, perpendicularity, angularity, parallelism and concentricity.

There is also a new feature that provides the ability to compensate for changes in part temperature. That is most useful when doing measurements on the shop floor where ambient temperature cannot be as controlled as it is in a room dedicated to the inspection function.

I++ technology is a standard communication format for CMMs and is supported by all major CMM manufacturers, and that technology is being implemented in the new release of PowerINSPECT.

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