Alibre Design 11.0 Now Shipping

Alibre Design 11.0 Now Shipping


Alibre, Inc. ( is now shipping the newest release of its flagship 3D CAD software, Alibre Design 11.

In addition to migrating the entire code base to the .NET platform, Alibre said V11 effectively doubles the size of assemblies that can be handled, with often-used assembly operations being as much as ten times faster, and includes significant 2D drawing speed enhancements and feature improvements.

New with V11 is the tightly integrated Alibre Vault by M-Files, a comprehensive, easy-to-use product data management (PDM) system with exceptionally strong Alibre Design and Windows integration.

Also new for V11 is a “dragand- drop” constraint mode that provides instant visual feedback and real-time editing to make constraining parts in assemblies faster while eliminating guesswork.

By dragging one part near another, V11 previews the applicable constraints on screen, allowing quick adjustments such as flip or rotate, before committing to the chosen constraints.

The company said huge speed improvements for nearly all common assembly tasks are also part of V11.

More than 30 common tasks, such as editing parts within the assembly or creating section views, are now at least twice as fast, providing a substantially more productive assembly modeling environment.

A comprehensive and easyto- use PDM system, the new Alibre Vault by M-Files offers integrated data and process management for files and workflows.

The Alibre Vault integrates within Alibre Design and Windows Explorer, making it a familiar interface for any user, and document management is simplified by an “index card” interface that supports all file types.

Extensive security and collaboration options keep files safe and accessible, while managing workflows like approval loops, engineering change orders (ECO), and other business processes.

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