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CAD/CAM release includes functions for turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes

PartMaker Inc., a division of Delcam Plc (, has released version 8.6 of its PartMaker CAD/ CAM software for CNC mills, lathes, wireEDM, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes.

Partmaker said the new release features a variety of new functionality and enhanced capability designed to make PartMaker users more productive, including enhancements to the software’s 3D simulation module, surface machining capabilities and solid model handling features.

PartMaker version 8.6 features improvements to programming inclined turning operations on B-axis lathes equipped with articulating tool heads, including the ability to program angled grooves, in addition to other grooving enhancements. This enhanced capability also improves the simulation of “miniturrets,” tool holders that can hold a number of turning tools in a single station. Additionally, capabilities to program angled thread milling features for inclined tooling attachments for machines without articulating heads and global coordinate systems has been added.

This version also features improvements to PartMaker’s 3D milling software known as the Surface Machining Wizard (SMW). The release features improvements to a number of surface machining strategies including various Finishing and Projection Machining strategies.

The Full Machine Simulation (FMS) module, which allows the user to simulate a full working model of his/her machine in the PartMaker environment has also been improved focusing on the ability to support ever increasingly complex and nonstandard machine architectures in an intuitive manner.

The release also includes a number of improvements in the intuitive handling of solids-based programming across all PartMaker modules including Mill, Turn, Turn-Mill, Swiss and Wire EDM. These enhancements include more powerful methods for programming in 5-axis planes and more robust geometry handling for planar surfaces as well as unwrapped cylindrical geometries.

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